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Long-Wear Lip Topper


Not what I expected

This is getting rave reviews I understand.. not really working for me. It is chunky glitter that seems to break up all my lip product and cause my lips to peel. I am so sorry.. I love lip gloss and I love glitter... I think the color is nice and I see the instagram photos. and I want it to work for me.. but it is just not. I will play with it some more.. but for now I would not purchase again. I will try the lip gloss... maybe those are better.

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Tiffany U.
Jouer never disappoints

This is STUNNING. The color is perfect and exactly the slight pink I was hoping for. I'd say it's better for my cool toned fair/light skin ladies - especially when comparing to the rose gold topper! Has the perfect shine.

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Judy C.

Like many other ladies, I kept looking at your Lip Wear and I wouldn't order because I have ordered so many other brands promising to be "The Best" only to throw them in the trash BUT. . .I finally took the plunge and "WOW" this St Tropez Lip Topper is wonderful! I wear it alone some days and other days I use it as a topper. Smooth, moisturizing and stays put just like you promised. I will be ordering more !!!

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D C.
Sparkles not as obvious as pictured, beautiful nonetheless

As the caption goes, the sparkles and glitters are not very obvious, especially applied on top of coloured liquid lipstick. It does change the otherwise dry liquid lipstick into a smooth and creamy outlook though. My lips always look dry with deep lines whenever I put on liquid lipstick so I really appreciate what this topper does. But if you are just looking for the sparkles and glitter, you may have to apply quite a few layers.

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Jia D.

This adds a nice gold Shimmer to whatever lipstick you feel like wearing. I haven't found one lipstick that does not look good under this lip topper. I actually like to wear this lip topper on its own, because the color is so subtle and it gives your lips a pop of Glam. Highly recommended!

Heather C.
Light, twinkly...

Deliciously scented, sparkly, and moist. I will buy again. I liked the color St. Tropez for an everyday look; Rose gold gave more drama and color.

Lindsy M.
Jazzes up any lip color

This shade is a perfect way to “turn up” any lip color! Very fun for the holidays! The shimmer is perfect!


Absolutely LOVE this metallic lip topper. Get a lot of compliments on it, Just wish it was a little cheaper.

Maja N.
Awesome and beautiful

The Colors of The Topper are fantastic and so as on the online Picture. The delivery to Germany was very surprisingly fast. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to the next purchase.

Betty hendrickson S.
Love it, just the right amount of sparkle !

I like the product and plan on looking into other colors. I like that I can wear this over any other color or alone. I especially love the Joure crème lip colors and toppers don't have an off-putting taste like some lipsticks do. Some lip cremes I've tried fill my mouth with a weird taste which I do not like at all. I love the square bottle shape as well. The only thing I have found I don't like is the label. It is so dark and the lettering isn't light enough for me to read what colors I have. I don't agree with another reviewer says the glitter is crunchy......... I disagree with that totally not true. I love the products and plan on getting more.