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Jeffree Star

Skin Frost


Danyelle M.

I hate that EVERYONE who bought this product & received it broken automatically start blaming it on Jeffree's formula. No. Seriously, quit hating. The reason why the product arrives broken is because it's a delicate powder & the post office & delivery dudes are careless with packages whether or not it says fragile. Jeffree does a damn good job at making his products the best of the best & it gets annoying when everyone blames him for the product being made shitty when that isn't the case at all. Alls I am saying is maybe think about all of the possibilities as to why it COULD be broken instead of just blaming him for making a crappie product right off the bat.

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Hang P.
Beautiful shade (and amazing customer service as always by Beautylish)

Gorgeous and highly pigmented and long lasting - Dark Horse Skin Frost is one of my new favourites.

I also have to give kudos to Beautylish for the amazing customer service you've provided me with over the years -it's appreciated :)

Annette M P.

My review was automatically sent and I couldn't correct it. What I meant was that my skin is fair tone (I'd say) and Dark Horse is a bit to dark for me BUT I definitely use it as a bronzer! IT IS AMAZING TO USE AND EASY TO BLEND!!! LOVE IT

Annette M P.

I bought a while back, my skin is a fair tone (I would say). Dark horse is a bit dark for my sky color but honestly it's AMAZING to use as a bronzer😉 I use it as a bronzer. I love it !!!

Kwanza O.
Oh my

it's so pigmented and intense i can't even with life. i love it. i def want to try other shades.

Ros  G.

My item arrive perfectly wrapped. it was not damaged. When I apply it, it is a beautiful golden and looks perfect against my skin. There is a lot of product for your money and the compact also has a mirror in it.

Jacqueline H.
The darker skinfrosts are perfect for summer skin glow

I have quite a few of the skin frosts and find them so perfect for summer nights when you want a little colour on those shoulders, décolletage, legs, and the high points on your face and eyeshadow. Dark Horse, KIng Tut and Peach Goddess would have to be my favourite summer shades.

I don't go out in the sun because of my fair skin and these give me the glowing colour I need on summery nights.

I have been very fortunate that each Skinfrost I have purchased from Beautylish has arrived in perfect condition and I would not purchase them from any other company. Beautylish wrap them so well it takes an age to get into them and I am very confident in their perfect delivery.

Tonye D.

At first I was a little worried this highlight would be to dark of a gold (as King Tut is perfect) for my skin tone but it's not. It's a beautiful bronze gold that would work with many skin tones. It's highly pigmented, the pan is HUGE, and it's sooo buttery soft. It last all day without fading! Love it!

Foundation color: MAC NW 45

Rachel  V.
Love quality, bit too orange

Its a bit more orange for my untanned skin this winter but my gosh is it beautiful!!! Ive used it on my eyes and as a highlighter. I adore it. Wish i could bathe in it!