Jeffree Star Cosmetics

63mm Grinder


Bradford J.
Quality Herb Grinder

I wasn’t sure what to expect when ordering a Non cosmetic item from JSC BUT This performs better than any of my other grinders and is about half the price. I’m really impressed with The weight of it and it looks great sitting on the coffee table.

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Jay R.

Stunning! It's perfect. Does the job while looking sleek and amazing. It also looks great sitting on my vanity. Will be buying more for gifts.

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Bronson Y.
Scratched, not the color we expected.
Bronson Y.'s Review Image

Got this for my girlfriend and needless to say we are less than satisfied. There are scratches all over the keif chamber and it isnt the color we expected. It looks like a dirty, old, used grinder. Only pro I can say is that it's a decent size and that you get a cool little tool. (That isnt a hair in the chamber, that's a SCRATCH!)

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