Jeffree Star Cosmetics

63mm Grinder


Catherine E.
Quality as Usual

Jeffree never lets us down with all the wonderful high quality products and accessories he makes available. This is my second in this color. Just want a back up before I can never find it again. Absolutely a must.

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Christy  L.
Love it

Works amazing. Love the colors. I absolutely love this product. The last grinder I had that wasnt Jeffree Star, the magnet holding the top on fell out. I was so glad when this one arrived. It's perfect. Thank you so much.

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Elise R.
My best bud ♡
Elise R.'s Review Image

I've purchased alot of grinders over the years, from smoke shops and dispensaries. This grinder is both beautiful and effective. Once you hold it in your hand... you know.

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Araseley O.

I have had my grinder for 3 months now and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HOW IT STILL GLIDES AND WONT GET STUCK!!!!love the grind and how fine your stuff gets!cant beat this price especially with a great quality grinder!

Araseley O.

LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE!I love how smooth it is and beautiful!had it for 3 months and she grinds so nice!i highly recommend!!