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Bye Bye Redness Skin Relief Treatment Moisturizer


Isabelle L.
Feels amazing

I love the feel of this cream!! Even with combination skin, it feels amazing!! And after using it for about 2 weeks I can say it’s really been helping reduce the redness caused by rosacea!!

Christin G.
Good for very dry skin

As it's gotten colder, & I'm using heat in my house, my already very dry skin was really getting bad in areas to the point where it was peeling in some spots. This has definitely helped calm those areas, the redness & flakiness has gone away. That being said, I would only suggest this for those with very dry skin, as it is a VERY rich moisturizer, & I see this as being more of a night moisturizer for most people. Even with my dry skin, it's a bit too much for use under makeup. I like to use it in conjunction with a thinner serum; I'll use a thinner serum underneath, & then this overtop keeps me hydrated throughout the night.

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Jennifer P.

This served as a decent moisturizer if you have dry skin, however it did absolutely nothing as far as toning down the redness in ones skin. Totally not worth the price tag.

Victoria R.

I purchased this on a whim, and I’m very glad I did. I have dry sensitive skin that’s always red. I wanted to simplify my skincare routine and this has definitely become a staple. It’s beautiful under makeup and calms my skin. Definitely recommend

Emilie B.
Didn’t know work. Made my cheeks more red

So many ingredients in it Lots of harsh chemicals If you want something for sensitive skin Buy moogoo or Aesop They have done wonders on my sensitive skin !! But This product made my skin red and irritated my skin texture

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Sly P.
just normal moisturizer…

This product is grate for super dry and sensitive skin, but it has no use for "bye bye redness" :)

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