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AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow


Mina F.
Must have!

I have a lot of eyshadows and a couple of pigments, but these ones (22 and 35) are gonna be ones of my top favorites. Both colors are really unique - they are duo-chromes with golden and violet undertones, 22 is more golden with both cool(violet) and warm(golden) undertones and 35 is more silver and cool with less gold in it. When applied they seem lighter on the lid and darker in the crease due to duo-chrome effect. Can be applied solo as an everyday shadow, wet or with duraline for deeper color. Cannot say if you need both at the same time, but I could not choose. Love it!

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Holly G.
Freaking. Gorgeous.

So unique. Add any mattes to your crease and slap this on your lid with a glitter glue or Mac fix + and its dynamite. Seriously, everyone will ask you what eyeshadow you are wearing.

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Leesha O.

I ordered 22 and 35, and they are fantastic. There is no fallout and the pigments foil easily.I highly recommend these colors. I will be purchasing more from this brand! Thank you, Inglot!

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Andrea A.

I started with three shades and just bought two more. These pigments are no joke, have no packaging issues (ahem, you know who I'm talking about), and you need so little product for impact that one jar will last years, I'm sure! Inglot kills the game in pigments, hands down-bloop!

Jess K.
Photo of product included with review by Jess K.

Very fast shipping , amazing product, the pigments are insane ! It glides on like butter once you use the primer . Will be buying more in different shades . Also came with 2 free gifts so I'm happy about that . I ordered a glitter glue primer to make it hold and it works amazing so I suggest buying it from Toofaced which I also got from this website.

Stacie I.

I am in love with 22!! It was the first pure pigment I've ordered, and with these results, I will be trying more in the near future. It was easy to apply, and gave great coverage. The first day I wore it, I got a ton of compliments.

Danielle E.
Love the Color!

I get a ton of compliments on this color, and I have put it on with mascara only and it still looks great and gives you some color if you are in a hurry. Plus it goes well with other colors.