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AMC Multicolour Highlighting Powder FEB

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Gina B.
I love this..

The color of this palette is difficult to see.. I am light- med skinned with brown hair that easily turns to blonde. I have golden undertones but also have a little redness that pops up here & there, making me look a little tired. The center of this palette I would describe as a butter yellow creamy color, top of palette is a bronze, going clockwise, followed by a peach, then a tan, and finally a suntan color.. They all mix together to create a bronzer- highlighter- blush ? That isn't too brown, too peach, too much pink undertone. It's just a great neutral that doesnt have that, I just put a bunch of bronzer look on your face. I have to be careful with that or I will look tired or dirty!! This gives you a nice glow. I have tried them all because I work in retail- high & low price points & I def recommend! :)

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