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AMC Lip Gloss


Ann S.
Jane Jetsons lipgloss

I might be on the mature end of life, but my inner child comes out when I see sparkle and 3d effects, and that includes just about anything, from paper to clothing to jewelry. Especially jewelry, which can't sparkle enough.

When I saw this AMC gloss it looked radioactive to me, glowing in the tube. I have a lot of fond thoughts about radiation, starting with the cancer treatment that put me into remission to neon zebra fish I once saw lighting a tank with their scales, so I decided to buy this radiant tube.

I had a pale pink lipstick on when it arrived so popped this gloss over it. The lips immediately looked like they had depth, luster and the pink color now had blue overtones. It honestly, no lie, made me look about six months younger, with creamy smooth plumper looking lips, and best of all, my teeth looked whiter.

I have also put it on bare lips and it again, gives a nice dimension, but it's not a stark glow like the packaging. Its a clear gloss with some tones to it that enhance your lips without your looking like you kissed a jellyfish. Tomorrow I'll put it over a red lip and see what happens. Red and gloss might be too much for even me, but you never know until you try. My favorite lipstick color in the world is purple, and I know this is going to look great with it.

In my cart I have two more, all the pink toned ones, and I'm going to buy an extra 541 as it's going to be my go to gloss and I want it in both my regular bags. Wait, maybe I need four more...

There is a downside. The formulation is not sticky or goopy. Maybe that's good for some but I prefer gloss really thick, like Mac Lip Glass. But If I have to put it on every hour instead of every hour and a half, so be it. The color is worth it. I have subtly glowing lips that cast a nice blue light on my aging teeth. It's magic.

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Allison B.
So Different!

This lip gloss is so different! The iridescent blue sparkle in it takes it to the next dimension! I like it alone when I want a more fun look, and wear it over colors to make the lipsticks pop. I love the formula as well. It's hydrating without stickiness and wears an hour or two for me.

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Lili I.
Coolest thing EVER!

This gloss is so awesome I don't even know how to describe it. Yes it looks like a club item but it's so much fun. I was looking for something iridescent and this just did the job so well. I've gotten so many inquiries about it. I love it. Smells and tastes good too (don't eat it though). Also, it's not sticky like some glosses. It goes great by itself or on top of bright shades. I may just start a collection of these! :D

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Stephanie  U.

Love the creamy feel. The color is extraordinary. Reflects the light and gives you an individual feeling. I wore it alone and it was great. Looking forward to experimenting!

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Amanda C.

I bought this lip slick in shadw 541 and I LOVE it! it is so beautiful by its self or over a lipstick. It has a blue color and has sweet taste and I am so happy with this product that I will Never be without it and I will be buying more colors.

Jillian B.
True Lipgloss Love

This is honestly the coolest lipgloss I've ever seen. I use "541" on top of just about anything when I want punch up the color. Plus, the blue reflects make my teeth look a little whiter. The formula itself is hydrating, lasts a couple hours, and wears off evenly.

Emily F.

I really love this gloss! I like to put it on top of hot pink, purple, and fuchsia lipsticks, it makes the color pop and just looks fabulous. I received a lot of compliments when I wore this. Overall, this color is just really cool and fun!

Trixie F.
Nice, though effects are not long lasting...
Trixie F.'s Review Image

This goes on really pretty and you can see the iridescence at first... though it doesn't stay on very long. It does re-apply nicely and doesn't dry out my lips. It's a little more slippery and thin than I prefer in a gloss. I also recently purchased the Armour Beauty's similar shade in Marilyn and I prefer the thicker consistency of that.