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Rudie R.
One of my favourite sheer colours!

I absolutely love Illamasqua lipstick in Underworld! This is quite a sheer colour when applied with a light hand, I love this colour layered over different lipsticks to give a different feel. You can build colour up well with this lipstick and it provides a beautiful pink, purple. The lipstick appears to be holographic and shines different colours! Beautiful!!

Ariane C.
good for purple lipstick collectors

I love the colour, but sadly the pigmentation isn't very strong. It's a really bright purple with a strong blue duochrome. Thankfully the duochrome is very apparent when applied, but it goes on slightly sheer. I need to use this with a lipliner to make it stand out more. It last really nicely. I'm not a huge fan of the texture because it is a bit on the dry side, not to say it dries my lips, but it's kind of pasty and acts weird when I sip from a straw or something.

The packaging is beautiful and solid. This lipstick has never just opened in my bag because of bad packaging. There isn't much scent which I really like. I get lots compliments when I wear this lipstick :). Despite it's faults, it's one of my favs. If you like bright purple lipstick, you have to have this.