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Privet Bloom Room Spray


Bonnie P.
Smells Wonderful! Perfect Summer Scent

You always take a chance ordering a fragrance you’ve never tried before online but I was Not disappointed at all. I was worried about how it would smell but I was absolutely pleased when I sprayed it & took no time to spraying my bedroom & bathroom. It’s a very delicate fragrance & I prefer a more Woodstock/amber fragrance for my more “public” rooms of my home. I find spraying objects rather than just in the air gives it something to hang onto. I spray curtains, chairs, bedspread, decorative pillows & even rugs & find the fragrance lasts a couple of days which is the same as any other room sprat I’ve purchased (diptyque). I’ll Definitely be buying this again & again. Thanks for carrying such wonderful brands & that’s why I LOVE BEAUTYLISH!!!

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Tammi C.

With the option to make your order work for you with a payment plan, I decided to be a wee bit boughy , and just go for it. In my head, I had what I hoped it would smell like, and so, when it came, I was like, yay!!! I quickly opened it up, sprayed 3 full shots, and, inhaled. It was exactly how I wanted it be. But then, in less then 10 min, it was gone, even less then 10min. $40 bucks????? WTF??? So, so, so disappointing!!! I feel like the joke is on me, and, Hampton is laughing all the way to the bank!!! I love ya Beautylish, so, in no way do I hold you responsible, but, if, a product get numerous bad reviews, I think ya should consider removing it from list of home fragrances, just my opinion of course. The lid for the bottle is very loose, and, well, do yourself a favor, unless you have smelled something first, buying fragrance online can be not so great, save your money!!!

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Susan  M.
Glad you made it available to me

Privit Bloom is hard to find in department stores. Glad you made it available to me. LOVE the fragrance. I've found nothing like it. My daughter introduced it to me.