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The Super Seven + Instant Cleansing Balm


Lynn M.
Great Intro to Products - Really Glad I Tried This Set!

I've been fortunate to have had mostly trouble-free skin all my life & haven't been much into a regular skincare routine ever - have tried AHAs & various cleansers & night creams from time to time but never found anything "amazing" or stuck with a routine. Now that I'm over 50 & developing some of the issues that come with that, I thought I'd better start taking better care of my skin. I researched a while & found Good Molecules a few months ago, but at that time ultimately wound up purchasing another value-priced skincare system popular on FB right now. After a couple of months with that system, I was satisfied enough with it but just didn't find it all that great, plus it had creams rather than oils.

Here's my thing with creams - I have tried various drugstore brands as well as pricier facial creams from time to time, but they always felt really goopy & gloppy on my face & I'd inevitably stop using them. One of the reasons I was interested in Good Molecules in the first place was because I suspected my skin would do better with facial oils rather than creams... I should have listened to my instincts from the get-go! Nevertheless I bought the other brand's system first and dutifully used it, and it was "okay", but once again my face was feeling overly gooped between using the creams + serums in that system.

So when the products were running low & it was getting time to make a new purchase, I decided this time to go with my initial instincts & try Good Molecules instead. With an even better price point + the advantage that I could purchase each product separately, only buying the ones I needed when I needed them, I decided if I liked Good Molecules it would be a much better deal for me all around now & in the future.

The verdict? Yes, I should have gone with Good Molecules from the start! Where with the other brand I wasn't really seeing much in the way of results, I literally started seeing some good results - especially with some of my fine lines - the first week I started using Good Molecules! And my face just feels way better using the facial oils instead of any creams. That "gloopy" feeling from creams is gone, the oils absorb fast & wonderfully without any major greasy feeling, and my skin overall feels softer & better hydrated than it ever has. If you're like me and face creams don't really do it for you, the oils in this set are worth taking a chance on!

Here's my quick take on every product in the set one by one:

The Instant Cleansing Balm is the bomb! Facial cleansers are one of the few things I have usually frequently used throughout my life, and I love this stuff more than anything else I've ever tried! You only have to use a little & it feels great going on, washes off easily, & the light scent smells soooo good. It doesn't feel greasy at all & it just feels luxurious & leaves my skin feeling super soft. I love the feel & the scent so very much, plus it removes my hard-to-remove mascara like a champ! I wear contacts & most of the eye makeup removers I've ever used have been so oily & gunk my eyes up, & make my contacts feel gunky the next day.... not this balm! I can even use it with my contacts still in & it doesn't bother my eyes at all. A++ for the Instant Cleansing Balm!

The Hyaluronic Acid Serum is great, has a really good feel to it, & works just as good for me as the slightly pricier HA serum I used before did. (I am using Good Molecules' brightening toner and Avene facial mist just before the serum, they all work great together!)

The Super Peptide Serum is my fave in the set next to the cleansing balm - this stuff is magic & absolutely gives results! I definitely see ongoing improvement in my fine lines with continued use of this serum, especially the ones around my mouth. Unless you're super sensitive I don't think you have to worry about what some have mentioned about the scent - it's so super light I don't really get any scent from this serum at all.

I really like the Niacinamide serum & do believe it, combined with the GM brightening toner + the GM Discoloration Correcting Serum + occasional hits of the Vitamin C Booster Powder are helping with the darkened spotting on my face as well as just overall skin appearance. The only thing that bugs me about the Niacinamide serum is it's so thick it's a bit difficult to get as much as you want at one time into the dropper.

I love the Overnight Exfoliating Treatment & use it 2 or 3 times a week with good results. I actually purchased another brand's super high priced ($75+ a jar) nightly exfoliating treatment that I wound up returning because the "fumes" bothered my eyes a few months ago. It smelled really good (as most exfoliators I've tried have) but I couldn't stand what it was doing to my eyes. I wish the GM treatment smelled a little better - it's not terrible by any means but it does smell a little like fermenting fruit - but overall I do see some good results from it. It itches just a tiny bit (not bad) when I first put it on but that goes away quick, and I feel like it's just another sign it's working & doing what it's supposed to! Wouldn't give it an A+, but definitely still an A!

I honestly didn't think I needed or would use the Ultra-Hydrating Facial Oil at first - I thought just using the Squalane Oil would probably suit me just fine - but I tried the Ultra-Hydrating oil anyway and wow! I really love it & use it every single night as well as the Squalane Oil. It just makes my face feel really good. I noted the warning about only using it at night because it can slightly tint the skin yellow, and I only use it at night anyway, but honestly any tinting doesn't seem very noticeable.

The Squalane Oil is definitely my holy grail - if I had to choose between the two oils I'd choose this one, but I love using both. It just feels fantastic and I definitely think this oil & the Super Peptide Serum are the primary things in the set that are contributing to the great results I'm seeing with my skin, but I feel like all of the products combined are part of it too.

I only use the Ultra-Hydrating Oil & Exfoliating Treatment at night, but I use everything else morning & night. Everything layers great with no pilling, and after I go thru all the layers and add my preferred sunscreen, my makeup goes on over everything smoothly with virtually no problems whatsoever. I'm very happy with 99% of this set.

The one thing I haven't mentioned yet, though, is the Wake Up Eye Serum. It's "okay" & it feels pretty good going on, but I can't say I'm finding much benefit to it, especially as opposed to the rest of the products in the set. I don't have much in the way of lines but I do have some pretty dark hereditary circles, and the serum definitely is not doing anything for that. I wouldn't be upset if Good Molecules decided to change to a different eye treatment, 'cos I'm probably not going to purchase this one again. (I found pretty much the same lack of any visible results with the eye gel that came with the other brand's set I tried prior to trying GM, so it's not just a GM thing... I think it's super hard to find something that really works for dark circles.)

Despite that, overall I highly recommend this set as an intro to the Good Molecules brand, and while results may vary for different folks, I can definitely say I'm seeing some good results with Good Molecules (and faster than I have with other brands both slightly more & much more expensive)! I think it's definitely worth a try for anyone, and at this price point easily worth trying!

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Adele M.
Say hello to Good Molecules.

I am all about affordable simple to use and effective skin care. Yes this ticks all the boxes. The cleaning balm cleanses thoroughly without stripping your skin . There are five serums in this set and I use a different one each day. I’m not certain if one is more effective than the others but it seems to work for me. Overall my skin feels soft and glowing and my pores look smaller after only 1 week of use. The only thing that I’m not convinced with is the eye serum. I don’t think it helped in depuffing my eyes. However I do have heavy eye bags. Everything else I’m happy with

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Debi B.

I have been really enjoying these products. Usually go for high end but watched Cate the Great Beauty talk about how great these are so decided to give them a try. Really like all of them so far. Very happy with order