Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15


say no to yucky dry lips!
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Got this lip treatment in my VIP gift bag from The Beauty Social and have been using it ever since!! To keep my lips looking nice & moist I always apply some sort of chapstick before I go to sleep. Some I've tried do the job, & some don't. This one definitely does! it smells amaze too!! lemons!! Fresh lemons! hence "Fresh" haha. No but really, look no further for a lip treatment! Plus, added bonus that it has natural ingredients!! :D

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Kristen L.

By far my favorite lip moisturizer, and the SPF 15 is always a plus. I use it every day and will continue to repurchase. Worth the money. Love the fresh lip sugar scrub as well.

Emily  M.

so I actually tried both shades, because I got both sample sizes for my birthday from sephora. overall I really loved it, they moisturized my very chapped lips amazingly! they both have a nice scent, plus SPF to protect lips! totally recommend.

Mikaela H.
Love it!

I absolutely LOVE this lip balm!! I received it as a gift from sephora in August of 2013 and I used it till it was completely gone. No joke! I purchased a full size and it just moisturizes on contact and your lips feel amazing afterwards. I really really recommend this product :D

Myrna P.
Great quality

I love this product. I usually don't pay for it as I get it every year on my birthday from Sephora. It glides on easily and leaves your lips feeling soft. I love the smell as well. It's a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

Tamara F.

I admit that this is a very expensive lip balm but it is the best out there...I promise! A beauty consultant advised me to use only this and if I wore lipstick to put this on underneath. My lips are now soft as satin even when there's no product on it. The trick is that you must keep using it. I even tried to stop and use BabyLips, SoftLips, and wax lip balms. Within two days my lips were worse than I ever remember them being. For those who suffer with extremely dry lips, this is worth it!

Lizzy P.
Best in the business. Cult classic for a reason

I am SUPER finicky about stuff on my lips. Most products drive me crazy. They fade, peel off or dry out my lips. Not Fresh. This is the best. This year sephora was giving out mini versions for their birthday gifts and I was thrilled. Great by itself or under lip color. My boyfriend claims it smells like fruit loops (I think it smells like yummy sugary lemony). A must buy!

Stephanie M.
love love love

lips are always moistened! always soft and always amazing. Goes on smooth, lasts for at least 8 hours (I put it on at night and still feel it in the morning). Better than any chapstick/lip balm I have ever used. The tinted ones almost even seem like a lipstick, so I just prefer to wear the colorless lip balm. Def recommend this product to everyone!

Sammi W. Team
worth the money

I got addicted to these products with the mini versions -- they're so handy for travel and keeping in my clutch! I tote around the regular sized ones too though because I love the fresh lemony flavour and the product is super moisturizing... with SPF!!! so important!! this is a bit pricey, so I try not to use it all the time -- more during the day and aquaphor at night

Amy L.
Huge Fan!

I recently picked up these bad boys (sample sized) for free at Sephora. Well free because it was the birthday perk for Beauty Insiders this month . I love these lip balms. They go on a bit shiny, but not sticky. The Rose one has a hint of pink to it, but certainly not red like the product looks, which is a good thing because I am not a fan of red lip color. They contain SPF 15, an added bonus, and are supposed to rehydrate and protect your lips. Since it's the Winter and my lips are a bit chapped, these balms have been perfect! They last a lot longer than your traditional balm, and keep my lips smooth long after application. The top one smells like lemon squares, no joke, heaven in a tube! Also, the caps screw on and off so no more open lip balms in your makeup bag!

Now I know these are a bit pricey at $22.50 a tube, but I feel they are well worth it. When my sample sizes run out, I will certainly be purchasing the original!