Green Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen

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Stephanie B.
My HG sunscreen

I have repurchased this product multiple times. Most sunscreen face products either break me out and/or cause irritation. This one does not. It's great for my dry acne prone sensitive skin. It works well under any foundation I use it with.

Nicole S.
Really good sunscreen!

I'm a person of colour so finding a sunscreen that doesn't leave a white cast is pretty hard, especially a mineral sunscreen. Although this sunscreen has a white cast, it absorbs into your skin pretty quickly. I have no complaints other than the price point but then again Farmacy is a luxury brand. It's very lightweight and it does not feel sticky or greasy at all!

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Sweet R.
Great consistency and lightweight!

I decided to try this sunscreen after years and years of trying to find a suitable sunscreen for my sensitive and combination skin. I loved it from the first minute I put it on my face. It goes on super lightweight so it doesn't feel heavy and oily like i've experienced in the past, the consistency is the sweet spot between matte and moisturizing ( a combo skin miracle), and it blends well with other moisturizers and makeup I apply as well. It doesn't leave a white cast on my skin as others have in the past and I am a light complexion with olive/yellow/neutral undertones (I wear Sante Fe in Nars foundation for reference).

Overall I am so thankful to have found this product! Highly recommend for people with combo skin that have a hard time finding a sunscreen that is not too heavy and oily.

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Arleigh T.
HG for me

I love this stuff. I’m not a white woman and was worried I would have a white cast with this because of other reviews mentioning about a white cast. I decided to try anyways.

I do notice a very slight white cast but not enough for me to not want to use it. It’s honestly very slight. And Once I have all my makeup applied I can’t tell. I put it all over my face, neck, and chest. It plays nicely with makeup and doesn’t cause me to be oily or breakout. (I have extremely sensitive skin) it seeps into my skin nicely. For reference my skin color is olive light medium / medium. I wear Giorgio Armani in 3.5. Charlotte tilbury lightwonder in 4 with the Hollywood filter In 6 underneath. I wear Dior air flash and backstage Face and body in 2W0. and In Chanel Aqua foundation I wear 30beige, in IT cosmetics CC cream I wear medium. Soo... If you have my skin tone or lighter you can get away with it but I don’t think it would be friendly for darker skin tones which sucks. They need to come out with a pigmented version perhaps to disguise the white cast.. I stick to this because I haven’t found anything better.

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Sabina H.
Love it!

Best sunscreen for the face i‘ve ever used. Feels gentle, moisturizing and almost calming. Great as a make-up base and works well with my combo skin. A skincare staple!

C W.
Best Physical Sunscreen

A clean physical sunscreen that spreads very easily on the skin.

I have normal skin and makeup applies smoothly on top. It does leave a slight white cast but it's not too bad especially if u will apply makeup after. I'm not sure if there is 1 untinted physical sunscreen that doesn't leave a white cast anyway.

As for how it sits on the skin throughout the day, it doesn't get oily and make up also doesn't pill.

Highly recommended and will definitely repurchase.

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K W.
world's best sunscreen

My skin always gets irritated by facial sunscreens. Have tried sooooo many different brands and products, and this is THE BEST! If you have sensitive skin or you've never got along with SPF, try this one. No irritation at all, sits well under makeup, perfect for everyday use.

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Diana P. Team

This is my go-to facial sunscreen, I love that it's a lightweight texture that blends in easily, is purely mineral sunscreen, and has the added blue light protection. I appreciate that this is designed to be used alongside another moisturizer, so I can still use my favorites and it doesn't feel greasy or heavy or sticky, which is a must for my combination-oily skin. I spend a big portion of my day in front of computers, so I'm really glad that Farmacy is ahead of the curve in including blue light protection. I'm picky about sunscreen and this is the one I recommend all the time.

While I do hope they come out with a higher SPF formula, according to the American Cancer Society SPF 30 still filters out 97% of UV rays whereas SPF 50 filters out 98%, which is only a 1% difference. Once I realized that, I was ready to fully embrace Green Screen as my go-to.

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Jiali Y.


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Kayla L.
Good consistency and absorbs well, but does have white cast.

This is a really good physical sunscreen and I did use up an entire tube to form opinion... I love the consistency considering that it is a physical sunscreen. However there is definitely a white cast. For reference I use Armani Luminous Silk in 3.5, so anyone that's my complexion or darker should be aware of this.

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