Daily Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen


Keeks M.
Seems okay

I have been looking for a non irritating spf product to use on my skin and this seem okay. I think my skin has a slight burning sensation when I use it, but it goes away. It goes well under make up. I’m still looking for a moisturizer to put under the product, my skin is so dry right now. I love the bottle. It’s a pump with a lid.

Samina  M.
Does not make my oily skin more oily

I switched up from my previous SPF 40 sunscreen to this simply because of the SPF 50 factor and the product received good reviews.

Totally agree with the other reviewers, this is a lovely moisturizing sunscreen. I still wear my face serum and cream, wait a bit then apply the sunscreen, which has the texture of a face cream and disappears into the skin upon application. I then apply my oil-control primer over it before concealer/foundation etc.

Zero issues with product piling or any extra oiliness throughout the day.

Have not had any breakouts or whiteheads/blackheads since using the sunscreen.

Expensive but definitely worth it.

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Lucy I.
Lovely Texture and Soothing

My vanity is filled with samples and in-haste purchases of tinted moisturizers, sunscreens and anything I can put on my face with SPF 30+. Everything I have tried ultimately feels like a greasy mess slicked across summer blackheads.

The price for this sunscreen is high, but it is the first one I have tried that feels like a moisturizer. Has the consistency of Greek yogurt and a very very faint fragrance. And the sun protecting 50+ actually does what it should do! I actually think of it as a primer, and it lasts all day for me. For someone whose skin is so reactive and rosacea prone as mine, this one is a keeper. A close 2nd would be Cane+Austin 50+, but that too is a bit greasy for me.

My skin is happy and I would definitely purchase this again. Since the price is high, I only use it on my face and neck. Cane+Austin for backup, and MD Solar Sciences for the rest of my body :)

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Amy Maria Y. Team

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet. I've been wearing sun protection since I was 12 (my mother made sure I didn't end up with sun spots) and I've been through every variety. I was using Vichy for a bit since it was the only one that would only clog my pores every 3 weeks or so. That's right, I simply put up with break outs every so often because I thought it was normal with SPF. I've been using EVE LOM for about 9 months now and I can honestly say that it's the best SPF I've used and I would never buy anything else. Even with my drier skin, I find that I don't need another moisturizer under. It firms my skin, brightens the tone and protects it. The plus side is that it absorbs super fast and doesn't leave any white film on the face. It's comfortable to wear, has no scent and I don't think I could ever not own this in my life after using it!

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Alicia H.
If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only take one skincare product with you

This better be it. Sure, the price is a bit steep but all the glycolic acids and retinols in the world add up, and will not stop your skin from aging like sunscreen will.

There's a reason the FDA in the United States changed it's labeling laws about SPF. When you use your [insert brand] moisturizer offering sun protection of 30...well, that's like eating potato chips as your daily vegetable intake (a potato is a vegetable, right?) whereas Eve Lom's sunscreen is closer to organic kale. There's just not enough room in most moisturizers to add true sun protection which is your #1 shield against not only your sunburnt nose on summer days but longterm anti-aging.

Using this daily, I've noticed that my skin feels brighter and tone more even. I will occasionally rub a tiny amount into my palms mid-day if I know I am going to be outdoors and apply it over makeup and I've found it does not disrupt anything. Super added bonus for all you makeup artists, this is a chemical sunscreen versus a physical sunblock so I know with my own upcoming wedding, I don't have to worry about flash-back!

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