Nail Polish


Allie Y.
Lovely application and colors!!!

These nail polishes are so amazing. I received my first one around December and they go on buttery smooth and are totally opaque!! They are so lovely and the color choices are magnificent!:)

Lili M.
Literally perfect

I absolutely adore this color! The product is nice and paints smoothly. Definitely worth $8. I wosh bottles were bigger though. Packaging is perfect though! The color though is the absolute most perfect mint that is super popular right now

Elle W.
Great shade for the summer!

Essie makes some of the best polishes on the market. From the color to the quality, everything about it is great. One of my favorite shades at the moment is Mint Candy Apple. It's a pastel greenish blue shade that is perfect for the summer. The polish goes on evenly and easily and is opaque in two coats. It looks great worn alone, with other polishes in an ombre effect, or with some glitter over it.

Taylor C.

This nail polish is really nice and it is amazing for summer. The only down side is that for me it needs two coats but it is very chip resistant and fun to look at. Sound weird but it's true. I recommend this to everyone specially in the summer

Tessa N.

Not particularly impressed with their color options. My major problem with the brand is that if you work with your hands at all you can pretty much forget it. I had to paint my nails daily while working in a salon if I chose to wear an Essie polish. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Robin H.
Meh :/

I never really know what to expect with Essie.I will say that they do have an amazing color selection,but I just don't like the formula.After about 2/3 days,the polish is already chipping away.Also,I think it is way to thick.That makes it very difficult to apply!Some people may like this,but the polish is almost opaicke.(totally didn't spell that right.LOL)Another turn down for me is that they are way to expensive!For the exact same price I can go get china glaze or O.P.I. Nail polishes which I think are a good investment.Overall,I think that I prefer the NYC nail polishes which are 93 cents.I do not recommend these at all!