Kajal Eye Pencil


Katie W.
$1, white is perfect for wet line

I did that thing in Ulta, where I was holding the $16 white pencil liner by a fancy brand... then I swapped it out for a $9 drugstore type brand. Eventually i said "aww, screw it, it's just for my wet line & to dot the corner of my eyes", so I got the $1 Essence white eye pencil. But girls lemme tell you, this is a nice pencil!! I haven't tried any of the other colors as regular liners, so I don't know whether they're smooth or tug, etc. But using the white one for my wet line is a no brainer... applies clean & easy. It does it's job & was $1. SERIOUSLY, can't beat that!

Priscilla G.
Not all that great

I bought this pencil in Ulta and was not very impressed. On my very first application it left chunks of white residue in my eye. Quality is not good at all. Not sure if this only applies to the white color pencil or to all colors.