Ellis Faas



Cristina LTHP F.
Incredible Mascara

I got this mascara as a gift at The Makeup Show in Orlando. I was immediately taken with the sleek, unique packaging. I love how the bright Silver "bullet" sticks out in my giant collection of mascara tubes. It is sleek and sexy.

The want is very long and equipped with a smaller round tapered brush. I love how small the brush is because it really allows me to get close to the water and tightlines; as well as deep in the corners of my eyes for fantastic length and definition.

The formula is opaque and rich. It takes a moment to dry, which (for me) makes it easy to buld up without getting "spider legs" and clumps. Bottom line is I love this mascara, it is my go-to and I will definitely re purchase come the time.

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Jen F.
Favorite mascara

I keep coming back to this mascara. It is an extremely dark black and doesn't dry too quickly, so you can build another layer or two without it clumping.

It's not waterproof but doesn't smear or flake, even with my horrible spring allergy sneezes and some sweat from the gym after work.

The longer wand takes getting used to, but it's not a big deal. The only issue is that, while I love the bullet packaging, it's larger than many mascaras that fit more easily into a smaller bag.

I've never had the mascara leak yet (maybe the other reviewer had a bad tube), and I've been through 5 or 6 tubes so far as of this date.

Donna M.
Best ever?

I haven't had this mascara long, but at this point I would say it is possibly my all-time favorite (and there have been many high end mascaras in my life). I love how easily and smoothly it applies and that I can add additional coats any time without clumping. It stays on all day without smearing and yet removes easily. It allows for an impressive range of effects from very natural to long and lush based on how many coats are applied. I will reserve final judgment once I see how it holds up in summer heat. I HATE raccoon eyes and hope it won't disappoint when heat and humidity are upon us. I will try to remember to update my review then.

Kimi H.
Long Lovely Lashes

The packaging is so sleek and shiny, silver bullet style. The mascara formula is creamy and rich, but easily removable. Something about this mascara makes my lashes so long, in a way that no other brand has yet. They look like falsies! Definitely repurchasing. The only con is sometimes the product builds up and leaks out a bit.