Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15


Savannah D.

I love this product, I use it almost everyday. I love that its think but not super sticky and it hydrates my lips and with the SPF 15 is a bonus for me. I also love that it's shimmery and lasts long.

Amy L.
Oops I did it again..

I bought two more lip shines this weekend after finding out my local Target carries a small selection of e.l.f. products! I know many experience a stickiness with these and I only experienced a little bit of stickiness, but nothing more or less compared to other lip gloss brands, however, after purchasing Angel, I am pleasantly surprised and delighted to announce that it is NOT sticky. I also purchased Honey Do, which matches my review of Candlelight, but Angel is entirely different. It is missing the SPF which is a downside, but I just applied an SPF lip balm underneath. Also, it does not smell or taste like anything. Hope this helps out!

Amanda M.

I love it , its clear and shimmery and its nice and thick , that makes it last longer ! i love it :) for only $1 i dont regret purchasing it !