Studio Cream Eyeliner


Marina S.
I have two colors and love them

I use the brown one for my eyebrows it's the perfect shade of brown and looks natural it stays put all day seriously I was amazed by the fact it didn't budge I also use a wax for my hairs afterwards or I use clear gel depends on my mood both lock it in place even better and it's water proof! Now the black one I also own but I don't exactly love it as much only because I don't feel it's very pigmented and I have to apply two layers to make it as dark as I'd like and some matte black powder they're also very quick to dry which is awesome. They're only three bucks so I say go for it if your not sure!

Maria L.
Great value and great performance!

I purchased this yesterday on impulse while I was picking up a few things to send my sister. I figured, for $3.00, if it is horrible I'm not out of much cash. I bought the one in Coffee (as I already have a HG black liner) since my Coastal Scents gel liner in brown needs to be replaced. I applied it today without any base nor did I "set it" with a brown powder after I applied it. Six hours later, it has not faded one bit nor has it smudged or transferred to my crease line (as usually is the case with other cream liners for me). I didn't care for the brush it came with, just too small to handle well (for me), so I tossed the brush and used my own. This liner is very creamy and glides on easily. On my next Target run I'm picking up the rest of the colors.

Ash S.

This is the first cream liner I have tried and I really like it. It has good payoff and goes on so smooth. Even the brush it comes with is good to use

Sarah B.
Love it!

It goes on smoothly and doesn't wipe off during the day. The color was nice. I overall really enjoyed this product!! I would definitely recommend to everyone I know. :)

Abnormal A.

I really enjoy these and how they dont rub off! for the price its super good quality! I hated the brush that came with it but no big deal, i just used the one that i have for gel liner!

bryanna l.

I bought this a while ago, and just started to use it again recently. Coffee is a nice, matte brown color that I love. I don't use it often as I don't feel like fighting with my brushes or I dont' have time. But it is very soft and creamy. It lasts a while when applied (to the upper lash line at least). I'm on a fan of the container. It might just be me, but I hve issues closing it properly. And.. I can't really comment on the brush it came with as I lost the day I got it.

Whitney D.

Definitely a staple item in my collection. The liner is a creamy consistency. I have had this for about 4 or 5 months and it hasn't dried up yet unlike my wet n wild black creme liner.

Leean P.
elf studio cream liner review

I was in search of a brown cream eyeliner when i came across this product. the first thought that cam into my mind was "how can a cream liner for $3 be any good?" even though i was skeptical about the product, i still decided to buy it. i mean $3 isnt very expansive for an eyeliner at all. so when i first used this product the first thing i noticed was that it is very creamy and smooth. after wearing it for a few hours i noticed it running on my lowerlashline. even the application was streaky too. i couldnt get a nice opaque line without brushing away the previous line i drew. the pros about this product is that its affordable, the color is decent, and it is very creamy. its too bad that the cons out-weigh the pros because i had high hopes for this cream liner. i will not be repurchasing this product. id rather spend my money on maybelline gel eyeliners or the physicians formula gel liners. i do not recommend this product to anyone.

- leean:)

Amy E.
Did not like at all

I had read reviews on how great these gel liners were and I was in the market for a new brown eyeliner and the E.L.F. one was truly a disappointment for me. I find the color when swatched looks okay and then when I wear it on the waterline, it tends to bleed out on me, which is very rare for a gel liner - I've used Mac Fluidline, Physician's Formula gel liner, the Maybelline gel liner and the Wet n' Wild one and none of them bleed on me. As well when I wear it on the upper lash line, it's like the liner never sets and it transfers everywhere, I know I could set it with a powder but once again I've never had to do it with any previous gel/cream liners that I've owned. I really wanted to like this product but it was a big fail for me. I'm not sure if I got a "dud", but I don't believe that I could recommend this liner, when there are other great options at the drug store. Another big disappointment for me was that the brown was not dark enough for me - this is just a personal preference, but I felt that it was worth mentioning.