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Minerals Mineral Lipstick

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Becca B.
Perfect for nude lips

I am not a very lip wearer of lippy, I will admit, but this one is perfect for for just the natural nude look. I find that wearing it for work is really good as it actually leaves your lips feeling hydrated and you don't even need a gloss! cheap and effective.

Rafi S.
I wish I could send it in a time machine to my high school self

I remember how much I searched for the perfect, inexpensive nude lipstick...I mean really nude lipstick. It seemed like I'd always end up with shades that are too shimmery, too pink, too dry, etc.

This lipstick would have been absolutely perfect. The Natural Nymph shade is very light in tone, none-shimmery, not dry, nothing crazy...just perfectly nude. And if doesn't show any sign of being cheap, except for the price! Would pair great with a smoky eye.

The only reason I'm not giving it five stars is because, though it's a great lipstick, I'm mostly gushing over the shade, which is objective.

Cara L.
very dramatic nude

I have both Natural Nymph and Runway Pink. I was expecting Runway Pink to be a paler pink similar to MAC's Hue lipstick, but it's a touch darker and rosier. It's still a lovely, every day wearable shade and would definitely fit the bill for that pinky-nude look for women of color if used with a deeper lip liner. However, Natural Nymph is everything I wanted it to be. It's a dramatic nude, a la MAC's Myth except more neutral in tone. I absolutely love it. I have very fair neutral toned skin and this completely blanks out my lips. I apply it and then smooth it over with my fingers to blend it into my lips and then I top it with whatever gloss I choose for the day. It gives me the perfect dramatic nude lips that I love, but of course this look is not for everyone. I say if you love nudes and you are on the fairer side, give this a try.

M D.

Love the color and feel. Feels more like a lip balm than a sticky lipstick. Only problem was I ordered mine online and it came broken with a big split down the middle. Also, I wouldn't wear Natrual Nymph alone, since it makes my lips blend with my skin tone. I'd wear a nice lip gloss over the top of it to really make it work.