Hypershine Gloss

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Sojourner W.
Nice Price, But Sticky!

I don't know if it was just my gloss, but mine was really sticky! I love e.l.f products, but I didn't like this one. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't their best either. Bubblegum wasn't that pigmented and wayyy to sticky. It dried out my lips too and the color was terrible on me. Maybe I need to try another one? I don't know, but it wasn't moisturizing enough more me. It was only a dollar so I might try another shade, but it's definitely one of the worst glosses I've ever tried.

Pros: - Price

Cons: - Too sticky - Not moisturizing - Sheer (no pigment) - Color

xoxo Sojo

Melanie G.
Love the gloss but not the applicator

The color of this gloss is very pretty…its a bright pink but goes on fairly sheer (which I prefer). It also tastes really good (like cherry I think). I’m not a huge fan of the applicator, though. I’ve actually never been able to master the brush applicators where you have to click to get the product through. Maybe I’m just not doing it right, but it seems like I either get too much product or not enough (usually the latter). A lot of people seem to prefer the brush to the doe foot applicator…so maybe I’m just weird lol! Overall, I really like the actual gloss though…just takes some time to apply it. =p

Shamink C.
yup yup

i really like the sheer pink colors which are tones i usually go for. i like how these cling more to ur lips lip a lip chap that slide or stick like normal glosses

Cheli R.
Photo of product included with review by Cheli R.

The Pros: With e.l.f the pros are always the price, the overall quality of the products, and the decent color pay off. These glosses are not super sticky, and are odorless which makes me really like them. The tube makes them great for travel, storage and application. They are excellent for natural looks, office type settings and excellent for giving your lips a little pep when you feel like doing nothing “fancy.” Of the two glosses I purchased I would have to say I really like “blossom” the best. It has the best color pay off and I like how it looks alone, as well as coupled with NYX’s lipstick in Miracle.

The Cons: Once applied the color isn’t really that noticeable and these two glosses can hardly be told apart. Obviously glosses are not as pigmented as a lipstick but if you are going to add color to your gloss there should be some color showing through. This is why I like the blossom gloss the best; it succeed in color where the bubblegum gloss fails. I actually want to try a few other colors before I brush the whole line off as too sheer.