Derm-Ink Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Cleansing Soap


Melanie C. Team
cleans well. non drying

I have many tattoos (and that's not the end of it either) and have been seeking an alternative to the Softsoap I prior used, which in all honesty, I think has fragrance in it (a no no for healing) and the smell makes me feel really sick now. Enter Derm Ink, which entered my life right when I started a a rather large piece on my arm. There's no strong scent to it and the texture of the soap is quite good, doesn't sud it up for also feels moisturizing as well. It didn't dry out my skin or and the ink didn't seem to bleed out or scab up as much either using it! Win! Also, the pump bottle is super handy, because after washing my hands with soap prior to using this on my tattoo, I can use the palm of hand to dispense and not dirty up my hands any further. Will def be using this on any fresh tattoos I get in the near future!

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Mini M.
Nice Product

I picked this up when I noticed Softsoap was drying out my skin. Derm-Ink was a nice change, non-drying and a slightly thicker, non-foaming consistency.