Eye Enhancers 4 Kit Shadows


Colette R.
Bad pigmentation, Sparkles, OH LORD.

Usually, I'm not the world biggest sparkle-freak, especially in eye shadows. When I first saw this little guy, I was genuinely happy even with spotting a hint of sparkly/shimmery whatever in it. I like my neutral colors, And half my collection of makeup is full of neutrals. So when I first used the shadows with a eye shadow brush ( Mom's hand-me-down, thoroughly washed one) I was surprised at the amount of shimmer was sitting on my eye lid. SO. MUCH. The next time I tried it, This time with the stupid sponge applicator, All I saw was tiny specks of shimmer on my eye. Both times, Both brushes/applicators was HORRIBLE pigmentation. Primer was used both times. Why I didn't give a one star, Is because of the price, packaging, How layering SLIGHTLY helped but made it look like a cakey mess sometimes, and the color selection. Might buy in different shades, But not this one.