Cheekers Blush


Julianne J.
Want to try other shades

After thinking about these on and off for awhile I was happy to spot one in the marked down cosmetic bins at the grocery store. I saw Snow Plum, which was a little cracked, and didn't think about how light and shimmery it would apply-true to color. (Wasn't looking for a highlighter blush, wanted something more pigmented). I kinda dumbly selected it (no other shades to select) and was surprised to find its a great dupe for one of my go to powder highlighters- the Physician's Formula powder palette mineral glow pearls in Translucent. So, I'm glad I have a smaller, more travel friendly dupe, but I kinda wish I could have found a different shade that was also marked down. Snow Plum is a frosty, opalescent highlighter pink, nothing plum about it, for the record! Its a nice, shimmery, cool toned highlighter- and would make a great h.l. on the eyes. So I do like it, I just need to justify snagging a few other shades!