Cheekers Blush

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Ari M.

Sorry Covergirl, this just wasn't a success. I didn't have any problems with scent but I found my self scratching at the surface to see if the color was underneath. I just could not get any color to come out. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe I got a defect or maybe it isn't my shade.....

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Courtney Z.

this blush is fantastic for a natural look. Just not a great blush. Great for a highlighting look. Just not a die-hard blush to want to run out and buy. It smells great, its packaging is lovely. but its just not very pigmented or shimmery. Definitely perfer MAC or NARS blush over this blush. and also. This blush is very complicated to apply to the apples of your cheeks. You need to use like their brush (which on your face is very rough and hard core) its just not certianly easy to do.

Poppy T.
Not Impressed.

The pigmentation is horrible. Maybe because the blush is too light for my skin? I try applying it over and over and nothing shows. Very disappointed because I know Cover Girl blushes are good.