Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

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Meaghan S.
Perfect for simple summer makeup, easy to use on the go!!!

I saw a youtube makeup tutorial and the makeup artist used this colour and so the next day i went out and tested it on my hand in the store and bought it, and since it is a nice neutral pink colour it is great for day and or evening looks and is easy to use no mirror needed, and perfect for your handbag.

Elyssa L.
love it

it's a really pretty shade and looks really nice and clean on the lips. and it's works with so many different outfits this colour is just amazing I love it so much

Nikole M.
Love it

Absolutely love this product!! It's so moisturising and the colour is build able. Definitely a must have for your makeup bag. I love that they don't stain your lips at all

Tina H.

its great! i love how its a moisture n the shades they have. I love how it works with a more natural look. I won't wear anything else on my lips unless Im dressing up

Heath A.
3 Burts Bees Shimmer Sticks = 1 Clinique Chubby Stick

This is a good product and I certainly enjoy using my Woppin Watermelon, but for the price I'd recommend purchasing the Burts Bees Shimmer Sticks instead (or tinted balm of your choice).

What you're really getting with the Clinique is the cute packaging.