China Glaze

Nail Laquer


Mary S.

China Glaze's Holly Day nail lacquer is from their limited edition Holiday 2011 collection. It's a deep green with a creme finish. I purchased my bottle at Sally's for $3.50 for .5 fl oz. It was like 35% off. China Glaze varies in price depending on where you get it, and how new the collection is, and retails for between $5-7 normally. China Glaze does not test on animals and is made in the USA. Their products are DBT, Toluene, and Formaldehyde free. I really like China Glaze's packaging. Their bottles are round and made of thick glass. Their caps are made of black, texturized plastic that are easy to grip. The China Glaze logo is embossed on the top of the cap, always a classy and subtle touch. The cap is firmly attached to the top of the brush. China Glaze's brushes are long and fairly flat with a lot of give. They're not the best brushes I've worked with. By no means are they bad brushes, or difficult to work with, I just prefer firmer bristles. Holly Day has a good formula that's neither too thick nor too thin. It's the perfect consistency for nail polish. The application of Holly Day is fabulous. It goes on in smooth, even, streak free coats. I tend to wear two coats of Holly Day, but its nearly opaque in one. A single, generous coat would be completely wearable. Holly Day's color is hard to describe. A cool, medium-dark green. I want to call it like a slightly darker, generic Christmas green. It's a unique color for a polish. Not really the color of really holly leaves, but fake ones. Holly Day has a cream finish that's super smooth and shiny, even without the help of top coat. It kinda looks like the overly waxy looking leaves in Christmas decorates. I don't know if that's what China Glaze was trying to convey with this polish, but they got is spot on. Kudos, China Glaze I find that Holly Day doesn't wear as well as the other China Glazes I have. China Glaze is the brand I get the best wear from. I'm pretty sure it's infinite really. I've gotten 10 days of wear from For Audrey once. However, I've worn Holly Day four times, and it's averaged 3 days of wear. That's not awful or anything, it's just not up to par with China Glaze's usual wear time. I star getting tip wear on the end of the first day, and major chips on day three, at which point I remove it. It's also not super water-resistant, so it can come up in the corners a bit if you take a long bath or wash a lot of dishes. Holly Day isn't a fast drying polish. It takes each coat roughly a minute to dry, which is pretty average. I recommend checking the clearance racks at Sally's to see if you can still find Holly Day. It's not the best China Glaze polish I've used, but it's pretty good. The color is unique, while still being wearable. It looks awesome with Zoya's Ivanka layered over it. It doesn't have the best wear, but a little top coat can probably fix that. Best of all, unlike most green polishes, Holly Day doesn't stain! Swish. I'm not sure if I would've picked up this polish at full price, but for $3.50, I'm quite pleased with Holly Day.