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Jennifer M.
HOLY ROSE GOLD!!! This beauty is fantastic :)
Photo of product included with review by Jennifer M.

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. And boy am I happy I got it! Not only is stunning, but very well made. I was also so surprised to see that it fit some of my biggest handled brushes. I read some of the reviews on here about not being able to fit your brushes. Here a tip @Patty P @Nichols S - if you twist/wiggle your brushes inside the pocket if will feel tight at first but once you get the brush inside it stretches the pocket making it easy to get your brushes in and out of the pockets. It's like a new pair of shoes, you just need to break them in :) Hope this helps.

I love this easel so much, I plan to purchase another for myself and a couple for holiday gifts!

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Lisa  Z.
Poor quality

Oh man...first let me say I never write bad reviews. I don't believe it's good to bash a product as many items work well for some and don't for others- I'm not a picky person and I buy lots off beautylish. This product looked very pretty and I thought it to be useful for travel. The actual material of the book is very very thin. I can understand now that I have it, it has to be thin in order to "bend" into the easel- but wow this is soooo not worth $55. In my humble opinion I think the Sigma brush book to be of much better feel and quality and that is only $25. I have never returned anything to beautylish and I'm thinking for the price I paid for this I just may have to!

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Alexandra S.
Everything I had hoped for

I have been hearing about this easel for a while now but loved the pretty rose gold color and decided to treat myself for my birthday. I'm so pleased with my purchase. It was everything I hoped it would be. I've been using it in my kit and have gotten so many compliments! I love how durable it is and helps me find my brushes so much quicker. For reference I was able to fit 62 brushes in the easel. Highly recommend :)

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Tigerflower l.
Photo of product included with review by Tigerflower l.

The design on this Brush Easel is unique. It looks like a CD wallet when zipped closed. The outer cover has a vegan Pink Gold finish with a zipper tassel. When you open it, it folds over horizontally across the spine of the wallet to create an easel. There are tabs that snap together to hold it in place. The brush slots are made of plastic and vary in size. I attached a picture of my brush easel to show what the largest brush slot could hold. My Marc Jacobs buffer was way too big to fit the slots, but most of my brushes did.

Thanks Beautylish for assisting me in getting the easel together.

I Keep this displayed with my brushes at the ready!

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Katie R.
Organized and ready to take on the world

I am so glad I found this. I have collected over 100 brushed in the last few years and haven'y found anything I like to store and organize my brushes, until now. I was able to fir 98 brushes (although a lot were smaller eye brushes) which is amazing. Will definitely be buying another!! Wish they came in even more colors though the rose gold is gorgeous!

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Kelly A.
The Most Beatuiful Way to Get Organized

I am trying to get organized for the new year and I came across the Artist Easel Pro. I love this product so much!! It fit all my brushes and looks gorgeous on my vanity. I also love that it closes with all of my brushes inside so I can easily travel with my brushes without them getting damaged. Now I have all my makeup AND brushed organized.

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Peggy P.
Beautiful but disappointing

I got my Easel Pro in the mail today and was so excited to put my brushes in! I read the other reviews before ordering, and I was really torn, because some said it's a "game changer" or "saved their life" and some said that it didn't fit their brushes. Well, I should have listended to those who said that the compartments are too small, because the Easel's compartments are way too small for my buffer and my powder brush. The maximum size it can fit is my Zoeva 109 (contouring). The smaller compartments on the bottom are so small, that even some of my lipliners wouldn't fit in. I don't know if it's different with the new rose golden version, since the other reviews were about the black one, but I can definitely not recommend the purchase of this rose golden Easel, especially if you are a make up artist with many brushes in different sizes.

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Courtney T.
Absolutely stunning!

I purchased my artist easel in Rosé Gold. It is amazingly beautiful inside and out. I appreciate that it is also cruelty free. It holds and protects all my brushes easily. It makes a great asset while I am filming for YouTube by keeping my brushes reachable and organized.

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Minez I.
Love it!

Just what I needed! I have been buying all sorts or different casses for my brushes but there seems to always be one thing wrong with them. I absolutely love this case! I travel a lot so this is so good for my brushes and so easy to pack! So glad this case was invented! I absolutely love it! Thank you to beautylish for sending the item beautifully packaged with care and a little surprise shampoo/ conditioner sample. Great work team! Thumbs up all the way!!

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Rachel A.
Nicest brush case I’ve seen!

I would of put 5 stars, but did not because there are IMHO too many tiny brush holders for eyeliner or eyebrow brush. They’re too small for most of my eyeshadow brushes. The only brushes that fit perfectly are the Wayne Goss brushes, the new eye and face sets with white goat. If your brushes are from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill collection, it’s much harder to fit into the slots. I eventually stretched them enough to fit all the JH eyeshadow and blush brushes. It is very well made. Inside the larger slots I see velcro to probably help hold in the brush, but it makes the slot smaller and harder to put in. Then again, if It had those larger slots it either wouldn’t hold enough brushes or be way to big to carry around. Closed it looks like a nice clutch, day planner or tablet case. I think the slots will loosen up so I don’t aggravate my tendonitis in my wrists trying to put the brushes in. It’s best for brushes with handles like the Wayne Goss line exclusive to Beautylish. I love Beautylish so very much. They have the best customer service, shade matching help over the phone. They’ll even send you samples of foundation if you’re having a hard time shade matching! I was going to be one day late on my payment plan payment to them and called ahead of time and explained the situation and they gave me a 4 day extension! I paid one day late, they were just so nice and kind about it!! Love beautylish! Please get Pat McGrath Labs makeup! That would be so wonderful!!!

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