Bobbi Brown

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner


marcella e.
great for OILY EYES!

i have oily eyes, i dont know if it make sens for you or no lol. i tried so many brands from high end to drugstore but no one can beat this gel liner. since my eyes are oily, its really easy to smudge and the color will disappear really fast. when i tried it, i was like WOW! not being exaggerate but this is the product ive been waiting for, i will not say this is expensive because 1jar can last for 6months atleast, besides the formula is great! no more racoon eyes, smudge, easily dissapear. i will stick with this product, havent found anything good like this one, agree?

Angela W.
Amazing geliner!!

I love this gel liner!! It really does stay in place AND is easily smudgable if you wanted to incorporate this into a smoky eye. It is a little pricy, but well worth it. I bought I think the new maybelline gel liner to try out and I can't stand it. I rather save money and buy something I know is awesome.

Elle C.
My fave eyeliner!

For everyday wear, Espresso Ink is my fave, but all the colors are wonderful! I'm obsessed with this gel liner and have never used anything else since I first started using this in '06? It is so easy to apply, easy to fix, it's buildable, it's long lasting, doesn't smudge... it's perfection in an eyeliner. It's my absolute favorite! I've converted pretty much every girl I know to switching to this gel liner and they've all loved it ever since! LOVE LOVE LOVE This product!

Darilynn T.
Gets too dry

This stuff, when new, goes on like a dream and stays on forever! About 1/4 of the way through it, it slowly started to get dry, thick, and went on less and less smooth. For the price and how long it lasts, I would not purchase again.