Bobbi Brown

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner


Gabbi D.
Perfectly dark and stays on!

I love this eyeliner so much! It doesn't chip off and it is so dark. Better yet, it does not dry out quickly like some other gel liners I've had did. That alone makes it worth the price as a cheaper one may last longer, but will dry out so you have to buy them more. Greeeeat product!

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Nadia N.
The best

This had so much hype and I thought I had to try it. Yes it's all worth the hype! This is the easiest, creamiest gel liner I have ever used. It's almost mistake proof because you can fix the problem. This liner stays on all day on my eye for the top eyelid. I think this is HG gel liner hands down and I have tried many.

Srivalli R.
really good for everyday useage

this is really good. Its not too shimmery and its not like one of those really light eyeliners that you can't see very well unles its under dim light. But this one is definately my favorite and the reason is that its very normal and simple for everyday use and it makes you look simple

Molly G.
Stays put all day!

This stuff seriously won't budge. Its amazing. Its like a tattoo. It does suck a LITTLE to remove, but if you have a good eye makeup remover then its not big deal.

Cecile H.
Another Great product!

I love this product, firstly because it just stays on my eyes and doesn't come off unless I use a make up remover. It makes doing eye liner so much easier and means I don't get it all down my face. With this you can be very precise but it also smudges into eye shadow to create a smoky eye brilliantly! My only problem is it does dry up so be very careful with the lid!

Janice M.
LONG WEAR! =D worth the money

I've been struggling to find gel eye liner which is NOT smudge around my eyes. FINALLY, I found this product through many researches and why not I try this product. I have to say this time that I totally agree with majority that this eyeliner is really smooth and doesn't smudge for more than 12 hours!

HOWEVER, you have to be careful. don't forget to put the lid back ASAP after you used it since it will dry easily.

OVERALL, worth the money :)

JDee M.
Long Lasting

I have several gel eyeliners that I bought about a year ago. All of them dried out except for my bobbi brown gel liner. :) I use it everyday with a pencil brush i bought from sephora that allows me to draw a precise line or smoke it out. A little goes a long way and it last all day without smearing... it is a must have. I love Caviar because it it black with a hint of brown..Looks good with all eyeshadows

Jill S.

This is my favorite eye liner ever. I've been using it for 5 plus years. With the right brush, it goes on smooth over any level of pigmented shadow or crayon. I've used it for dramatic looks, day wear and special FX on Halloween and other costumes. Lasts a very long time.

Molly O.
Long Lasting and Easy to apply

I have struggled to find an eyeliner that lasts all day and is easy to apply. Luckily, Bobbi Brown has created a great liquid liner that can be easily applied and doesn't bleed. I absolutely love the color "Caviar Ink" and use it on a daily basis. The liquid liner is a staple of my beauty routine and completes my look. I love the fact that this liner doesn't bleed or give me raccoon eyes. No matter if I'm dancing, at work, or go for a run, the liner stays on my lids and doesn't smudge. After I have applied a cream eyeshadow to my lids and a bronze eye shadow to my crease, I use the Bobbi brown applicator to apply the eyeliner to my lower and upper lid. On the upper lid I use a sweeping motion upward, to elongate the look of my eyes. The brush on the liquid liner is the perfect shape and width and allows one to manipulate the liner, flawlessly. The "Caviar Ink" shade is a luscious black shade that adds drama to my eyes. I much prefer this liquid liner, over NYX, MAC and Loreal. Bobbi Brown's liquid eyeliner is easily manipulated and able to suit one's look. The product is of great value and last months. In the past, I have had to re-apply liner many times throughout the day and have had to buy liner more often. With Bobbi Brown, I don't have to reapply and the liner lasts for months .

Cristina L.
Photo of product included with review by Cristina L.

I first bought the Expresso and I love how has a wonderful way to detail the eye! Last me all day and night... But, you have to be careful because it's not easy to apply, unless you r an expert in the gel subject! And I didn't like that they dry, so put some Visine eye drops, and ready to use again..