Tulip Brush Tree


Christina S.

I love this brush tree. I have limited space in my bathroom, so this is small enough to fit in a corner and keeps my brushes from taking up to much space while drying. As an added bonus my brushes are in their correct shape and ready to go when dry. No reshaping needed.

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Lian D.
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Benjabelle trees are made of very durable material; it is not flimsy in any way. It has varying hole sizes which can easily fit something like Tarte's 'the buffer' airbrush foundation brush. My off-brand brush tower can't do that! For a product that can be taken apart for storage, this is remarkably sturdy when assembled. One time I knocked it over and even though it fell it was still locked into place as tightly as if it was one solid piece. This also contributes to how tricky it is for me to assemble and reassemble. It takes me 2-5 minutes every time to get the legs to attach to the top. For that reason (and the price per slot compared to what else is on the market) I had to knock this to a 4 instead of 5. In general, if you don't have any sort of brush drying tree I highly recommend getting one. Hanging wet brushes upside down is the best method because it gets all the water out and the fibers won't get misshapen from being laid flat or pressed down on a towel.

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Anne H.
i needed this!

i'm very pleased with this brush tree. it's much better technique than my old way of drying my many brushes. i use it with the brush guards i have, also from beautylish. these brushes are way too expensive to take a chance on letting water loosen the hair in the ferrule. recommend highly!

Amy S.

It's great to see my brushes all in place with Brush Tree. I don't just use it to dry my brushes, I kind of just place my brushes there permanently so they all look nice and tidy and I can just grab them at a glance if I needed them. Best to go with the spinner imo as I do not want to keep moving the whole thing around for getting a brush. Loving these combo big time. Must have if you love makeup and an organized place to work with.

Kristy S.
Best cosmetic tool investment!

This is what it's all about. I should have bought this 2 years ago when i first saw it on Beautylish. It is so easy to use, doesn't take up much room and keeps my brushes in their perfect shape and condition. I love not having to worry about water seeping into the ferrule of my really expensive brushes (Wayne Goss). It's as simple as wash and hang, that's it. I love how easy is is to assemble and how flat and small it folds up for storage. As i said it's the best beauty investment i have to date <3