Benefit Cosmetics

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow


Kenna  S.
A little disappointed..

When this first came out, it was supposed to be the next big foundation that everyone loved and was so amazing, but I didn't find it that amazing..there was just nothing about it that really impressed me. Still a good foundation! xoxo~ Kenna 💕🌈

Molly N.
Not good

I tried this dispite a friend saying it's awful, because another friend swears by it. Big mistake:( I bought this at £25.50 which is pricy. I just put a bit on and thought it was lovely and then I took it off after an hour (plans cancelled). When I then put it on for the full day the coverage was okay, nothing extreme, the shade was too light but nothing awful but it's water like consistency makes it last nicely for Maybe 2/3 hours and then my face looks scaley and my makeup just looks so untidy and it just looks sheer! Not a re buy I assure you

Charley G.
Amazing for dry skin

I have very dry & sensetive skin & have never found a foundation where my skin looks normal! I got a girl at the benefit counter to try this foundation on me and it is incredible. I didnt have a moisturiser on and my skin still didnt look dry at all, i usually have dry patches on my forehead & nose but they werent noticable at all when wearing this foundation! it also doesnt look too glowly or oily either :)

Denise K.
No, no, no, no.

Although the colour-matching was perfect, this gave me allergies and I had to return it 10 minutes after buying it. I don't know why I even bought it in the first place since when the saleslady applied it on my face, it looked fake - not necessarily caked on but patchy. About a few minutes later, you could see flakes forming which came off if you rubbed it gently. Still after hours of taking it off, I had red and swollen spots. Do not purchase if you have sensitive skin!

Priscilla S.
Good not great

I think my skin is just too oily for this foundation! It didn't really last too long, and by the end of the day my face sometimes felt greasy. I did find that wearing a powder over the foundation did help a bit

Kassi M.
I love it!!

It stays on so well for me and it has the perfect coverage. It is really easy to apply. It works well along with the hello flawless powder. Love it!!

Sarah V.

This is like liquid heaven. It goes on so smoothly with really great coverage. It works great masking any areas of redness you have as well as being very forgiving on areas with dry skin. Cannot get over this product!

Sasha C.
Not worth the price tag or the hype

So disappointed with this product! I usually love benefit - this was watery, had to really build up to grt a decent coverage and even the palest shade was quite yellow based and did not oxidise well on the skin. Far too dark. Not up to usual benefit standards and needs some improving. You can get a 5.99 foundation from boots with better consistency than this! Think ill stick to mac and nars.

Savannah J.

Love this! I have dry skin and foundation tends to look cakey on me but this doesn't even look like I'm wearing foundation! The only downside is that I'm suuuppperr pale so its a trade but dark for me. But other than that i love it!

Fernanda  V.
One of my favs

Lovee it! Bought it in Europe a while ago, and love using it since then! Well I have combination skin, and no blemishes, so I don't need much out of a foundation, but it is great! It's medium coverage, matte but not THAAT much, long wearing, makes my face look flawless, not cakey at all, don't make me look shiney.. Love it!