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Sakinah A.
It works for me!

Despite the many pros and cons about this product, it works totally fine to me. My skin type is combination so it doesn't feel dry. Just put little dots across your dark circle, then dab it (don't rub!) and voila! But it's better to wear primer before if you wear it in humid place though :)

Saima B.

perfection in a pot. This stuff is heavy duty. Full coverage, last a very long time. The only down things is that I seem to use it all up within 2/3 months but better still it still brilliant.

Jordyn D.

This concealer is great for covering up redness and under eye dark circles. There are just a few tips that I have for future and/or current users. First off, don't try to apply this with a brush. It looks cakey. Instead, apply it with your fingers. Also, it doesn't cover up any pimples whatsoever

Shabootynaenae D.

Perfection at its finest! I use it everyday and swear by it. I've never found a concealer that works nearly as good. I don't think concealer gets better than this, I mean really.

Torie C.
I love this so much!

It's a miracle worker, quick fix for under eye circles! Be careful not to put too much, only a thin layer! It gets clumpy and oily! Other than that I would highly recommend this product. I use it daily(:

Eri Y.
Lo odias o lo amas

Es dificil de trabajar, es muy pastoso. Pero si uno le pilla el truco queda bien, ilumina la zona y aguanta mucho tiempo. Tengo otros en "faves" pero no se si compraria de nuevo o seguiría en mi busqueda del corrector -casi- ideal :)

Yeny A.
It's not worth the price

I bought this a while ago because I was obsessed of how well it covered my under eye circles. However, I noticed that through out the day I was getting alot of creased. I had better concealers for less money.

Jonna Mae A.
Photo of product included with review by Jonna Mae A.

I really like this concealer. I have normal skin and its not acne prone either, my only flaw is dark circles. This concealer is really brightening, it still does make my dark circles peek through but it's okay with me.

Nicole G.
Not impressed!

I read a good amount of reviews on Beautylish about the earse paste, so I decided to buy it. I went to my local macys and bought the earse paste and the oh la la. I have been using it for a week and i am not impressed with the coverage. I also agree with one of the other reviews that you can see the under eye crease more after the you add the product. I am a makeup artist so applied appropriately, I will be returning it.

Eydís G.
I Love

This is a very thick consistency concealer, one thing i love Benefit for is their concealers each and every person with a different concern, I would only recommend this product to someone who really needs the coverage and knows how to use it properly, or if I explain it to them otherwise this will last you for so long, and its a great smooth formula as well. Thumbs up Benefit.