Benefit Cosmetics

Erase Paste


Skye R.
My Fave Concealer So Far

I've tried so many different concealers and this is by far my favourite. The salmon tone makes it perfect for concealing dark circles and the blendability makes it work on blemishes too. However, it does cake up in dry patches depending on how much you apply. I still highly recommend it!

Toyah I.
I love this peach corrector, i love the texture and it blends very well.

At first i was a bit unsure because of the price but a little goes a loooong way! and It has lasted for at least six months so far. The colour is perfect for anyone who suffers from light to dark blue circles under the eyes. I pat it on and use my beauty blender to blend. I've also used a concealer brush. It lasts all day for me. I put my reg concealer on top. They blend perfectly. An hg product for me.

Crystal O.

my under eye bags are awful, dark blue and nasty :( have had them since I was little but when I smear on just light applications under my eyes they look alive ! yes this will crease without setting it with powder (and maybe even afterwards like me). I also use this concealer to even out other areas of my face such as my nose, chin, etc. I also would like to commend benefit for making a concealer almost close to my skin tone :)

but if your skin is oily like mine or you always have under eye creasing put on your eye cream (or moisturizer) under your eyes. wait for that to be absorbed and add eye shadow primer afterwards. Let that set in place. then add your concealer and set with hd powder (or your personal setting powder). works wonders :)

Vittoria T.
It's not as good as the hype makes it seem.

I have literally the worst under-eye bags ever, so maybe I'm being a little harsh. I just expected a miracle worker after all the good reviews I was getting for it, and yeah it works well, just does not provide full coverage :(

Demarie H.
It's not bad

This is a decent product although it doesn't work well for the eyes like it says it does. Great for blemishes though it doesn't cover well but be careful using it because and can come off thick

Charakie D.

I love this item by benefit! I put it on everyday and by the end of the day it's still on. It sometimes is a little difficult to put on and fully cover a blemish but after it works very nicely.

Renee M.
Like it !!

I bought this all long time ago. I originally wanted this for spots or pimples but I hated it because it was to thick. Then I started to use it about 2 weeks ago for under my eyes it give a perfect amount of coverage and brightens them to !!!

Michelle C.
liked it

Didn't love the price. Would NOT recommend for eye area AT ALL! It sets into fine lines you didn't even know you had. Even with powder over it, it's not good for the eye area. It is amazing on any other face discoloration you may have.

angel s.

I'm really not sure how this is marketed at fair skin beauty enthusiasts. I find that it has the consistency of a literal paste and often goes on too heavily. It creates an unappealing orange shade on my skin, which is rather embarrassing on Benefit's part as it is such a pricey product for little quality. Just go grab yourself a good concealer elsewhere and save yourself the hassle.

Demarie E.

This does cover really well but it's difficult to apply and if you have sensitive and fair skin I don't buy it. The color was still way to dark and the texture is kind of sticky and other makeups won't blend well with it