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Olivia D.
Photo of product included with review by Olivia D.

This lip gloss is absolutely beautiful! Armour Beauty describes this shade as an opaque screaming bubblegum pink, and boy is it! Its absolutely beautiful on all skin tones and lasts for hours! Like Theo said, you can eat and drink, and the gloss is still there! I def. recommend this product and shade to anyone looking for a hot rocking lip gloss!

*photo has no filter & has not been photoshop, taken with iphone5

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Georgeanna H.
absolutely best pigmented lip gloss I have tried!! dying to get more!

I'm a fan of lipgloss, not case that helps you assess this review.

I had heard good things about these (and saw them on various other users online) & couldn't resist. This is a perfectly bubblegum-pink (to me) color and is absolutely fabulous. I would say it's wearable anytime/anyplace (but perhaps I'm just open-minded?) I love the formula: smooth and ever-so-slightly tacky, not at all super sticky like most lip glosses seem to be. Seemed moisturizing enough (definitely not drying~).

Yes, it does rub off onto other stuff (like your glass) but that's of course to be expected. It lasted hours on me and did, sadly, eventually leave me with that white line on my lips that some lip products give you. Nonetheless, I love it and will just try to be careful about that!

Overall, I am more than pleased, and I'm dying to get a few more shades! I want to find an excuse to use this every day! <33

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Aspen O.

I absolutely love this! My cousin has tons and she gave me some for my birthday and I LOVEEEE IT! It stats on unlike the rest of the glosses I have and I'm only allowed to wear gloss so this is perfect! I completely and whole heartedly recommend this to anyone!

Nakimah W.
perfect barbi pink

These glosses are highly, I repeat Highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. It's a really good lip gloss to wear alone or over a lipstick and it lasts long too. Over all really good product, hoping to add more to my collection.

Molly M.

The other ladies' reviews for this color were spot-on. They sold me on it and now that I've tried it, I completely agree with them. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color! I've been using it with the Too Faced Lip Insurance primer sample Beautylish sent me(thanks again!) and it seems to last forever! :)