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Anna Sui

Rose Cheek Color


Ashley K.

This blush is nicely pigmented and the blend of all the colors gives you a nice flushed look. You can use each color separately if you want a certain color but if you choose to do that you would need a smaller brush.

Chavela S.
Love It!

LOVE! I did NOT expect this blush to be so well pigmented! I was a lil taken back at the size of it but as soon as I swatched it I was pleasantly surprised at the color payoff. This would be great for the springtime. Also, I couldn't tell from the pictures on here but the light pink rose in the middle has shimmers..or glitter..or shimmers (I dunno)... IT SPARKLES is what I am trying to say. It serves as a highlighter while the rest are beautiful matte colors. I love it but what I find odd is the price range when this seems like a product made for younger makeup enthusiasts. Seems like they'd make more money dropping the price and marketing toward teens but whatever. Would I buy another? Nope, not for me, for my kid if she asks.

Wait, I just read above, lol. Moist? Dewy? Glossy? Lol. No Ma'am. They are just regular matte powder blushes beautifully packaged with that one sparkly highlighter in the middle. Even when u run your brush across all of them it doesn't produce a "dewy/moist" effect...just looks like a shiny highlight. It's not bad at all, as I stated I love it. But call it what it is. ☺

Oh, one more thing: IT SMELLS FAN FRIGGIN TASTIC!!!