Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Gel


Kristen T.
Great Long-lasting Hold!

I have some pretty stubborn and thick eyebrows, and as I currently can't do too much to shape them at the moment I need to work with brow pencils and gel and this really does the trick. A little goes a long way so it should last you a while. I'm still working on a sample I got from Sephora!

Stephanie M.

Can't believe I have lived this long without it. Tames my brows in all the right places and it lasts the whole day. I have thick brows and this helps so much. You only need a little not too much because it will be stiff, so it should definitely last a while. A little goes a long way.

Acacia M.

The only thing I regret about this product is not having it my whole life. It is perfect! I have thick eyebrows and could never seem to keep them in place no matter how well I trimmed the hairs that stood out. This keeps my eyebrows in check all day long. Be careful not to use too much or it will dry really stiff.

Victoria D.

I love this brow gel, my brows are naturally very, very unruly, and I happened to get a sample of this once from Sephora. My brows stayed in place ALL DAY LONG. Which is amazing for me! It didn't get stiff or flakey like some other formula's tend to be. It just did it's job of holding my brows in place until I removed it at the end of the night. I would definitely purchase a full sized one if it wasn't so expensive!

Lani J.
Best brow gel!

The formula and texture of this brow gel is very different from the drugstore brow gels. The drugstore ones are pretty much just watery. This brow gel has more of a thicker consistency and you can tell after the first swipe on your brow that your brow hairs are sure to stay in place-ALL day, without stiffness. This brow gel is a little pricier than others but you totally get what you pay for. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this brow gel. :)

Evelyn B.
like this product

I like this product because it keeps my brows in place for the whole day.. Its the only brow gel that i have used.. It is a little pricey for a brow gel (21 dollars) but i think that its worth.

Rosie B.
Perfect for everyday

First one of these gels I've tried and was very impressed! I also have the whole kit from ABH, but this is the only thing from it that I use pretty much everyday. It does sometimes make my brows look a little darker and 'wet' looking, but I sometimes like that effect. Am keen to try coloured versions of this!

Jaime C.
Clean finish

Purchased last week, have used every day since. Love it over colored in brows or by itself. Goes on clean and thin and brows stay put! Will definitely be repurchasing.

Neda O.
Doesn't hold my eyebrows

I don't have super thick eyebrows, but mine are thick compared to everybody else's and this brow gel just wouldn't keep my eyebrow in place. I had to return it by it's second use, it just didn't work and is VERY PRICEY. Not worth it!