Beauty Product Reviews

Fab Brush Belt

I got this two years ago at a trade show and since then I've worn it at every job I've done. It easily holds my 70-80brush working kit, has 4 big pockets for powder, disposables, wipes etc and cleans up brilliantly because of the patent leather material. It looks good and does the job it's meant to do, what more could you want?

Fab multi-tasking product

As everyone else has said, this turns powders into liquids and revived dried-out gel liners.

I've used this as a base for glitter and custom matte lip colours. It is lip safe (make sure the pigment you're using is too!) and it lasts throughout a shoot, making it a great alternative to lip gloss.

Great compressor

I love this system, but not the makeup. The adjustable pressure means I can tailor the airflow to my specific needs and the gun is simple to use. The make up however I found clogs the gun (despite thorough cleaning), doesn't look great on the skin and doesn't last.

The compressor and gun are fab - I do not regret buying them at all, but I wouldn't recommend the make up at all.

I love Lip Tars! The pigment level in them is incredible and they last forever. Mixing your own colours is so easy, even though OCC have an extensive range of shades already. The scent is quite strong, but not unpleasant; and the consistency does take some getting used to, but once you figure out how much you need to use they will become a staple in your kit. Brilliant product - its now replaced all the MAC lipsticks in my kit!

Great full coverage foundation.

I really like this foundation. It applies well and looks great in person and on camera. Although it is full coverage it feels light and doesn't look caked on. It comes in an extensive range of shades, especially for very pale and very deep tones. I'm definitely getting more shades of this for my kit.

I bought the World of Pearl Paints palette after another MUA recommended them and I was not disappointed. These are amongst the best eyeshadows I have ever used. They're smooth, pigmented, easy to blend and vibrant. Pearl Paints have a frost finish so there is some fallout, but that is a minor drawback when you consider how good these shadows look on the skin. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone wanting good quality shadows in a sturdy, well made palette.