Beauty Product Reviews

Flawless high coverage

I use this when wanting a more high coverage/heavier Makeup look. This lasts forever bc a little goes a long way. Over time I've learned that I personally get the best look with I apply with a beauty blender and add Banana Powder on top, or else it tends to have a more oily/greasy look.

Naturally Flawless

This foundation is great for a natural look. I work in the nightlife industry so usually ill use a more full coverage foundation but as far as when I need to tone it down during the day, this is it! I also love this even more because my face is lightly freckled and its been a headache finding something that enhances the look of my skin without looking like I'm attempting to cover it up. Freckles still show through with a light application but it build able coverage. Not to mention looks amazing in photos!!