Beauty Product Reviews

I mean it's Wayne Goss.....

You have to be quick when Wayne drops a new product! I knew Coral Rose would go fast. It's beautiful and goes with any look. It melts into the skin and looks so natural. I love applying the highlighter first as Wayne suggests. I have great skin at 42 (I take care of it) but the fact that his testing was done on mature skin is simply incredible. I hope other brands start following his lead. I wouldn't get too hung up on the "9 month" thing. Different countries have different regulations and that could be just what it HAS to say. No way this goes bad in 9 months- just saying. I can't decide what shade I'm going to grab next..... LOVE!

Dreamy formula!

Received these beauties today and am currently wearing Tulip, standing in my kitchen whilst drinking red wine (isn't everyone?). I ordered Tulip, Antique Rose and Hibiscus. My lips are VERY chapped and this feels like silk. Gloss usually will stick to and accentuate dry lips- not these. Velvet is another adjective that comes to mind. The pigment is perfect, sleek packaging and the hint of mint is not offensive (remember, I'm drinking red wine). Wayne- I had NO doubt these would be amazing! Well done!

Just WOW

Unconventionally I decided to apply this under my eyes just to see how it looked. I hate concealer and at 38 I've literally spent a fortune to find the perfect one. Now, a true concealer is necessary for certain occasions but applying this under my eyes along with the rest of my face (of course) was unbelievable. It brightens, firms and just looks fresh. The most natural, beautiful finish. I have fine lines and creepiness- so for me to think it's is a miracle for under the eye is saying something. By Terry does many things well- this is by far and away my favorite discovery.