Beauty Product Reviews

Hydrating but disappointing color

I bought two of these (Rose Flush and Damsel) and just as the other reviewers wrote, it is extremely lip friendly with extra hydrating, which is great for a Montreal winter! Given how much a good lip balm is, I think it's worth the price but the color is sheer enough that I can't easily tell the difference between the two that I bought. I'd just as well have bought just one. Perhaps I'm not putting it on correctly (??). I have a three year old and a newborn, so everything I do is rushed, I just grab this and swipe over my lips. They always look moist but without a liner or more effort, it's more of a gloss than a stain. I had expected something more pigmented like the Clinique lip chubby pencils or almost lipstick.

High pigment, sparkly colors add life to tired cheeks

I like this palette. The colors are a bit more sparkly than I had imagined but they go on subtle enough to wear for day. What I really enjoy is that I can use this for my cheeks and eyes and get ready in a rush. What I don't like is that the circles are small---more like large eye shadow colors and less like cheek colors so my highlighter, bronzer and blush brushes are all too big. I almost need to use travel size brushes if I want to use just one color.

Good brushes, some suggestions for the case.

I bought this brush set to simplify my routine. It's so easy having two brushes in one. The quality is high as I expected from KA and it's a useful mix with one for foundation application and powder another for bronzer blush. It comes in a case but the case could have been more friendly. Two of the brushes (the larger ones) have spaces in the case that snap open and shut. I wish that all of the brushes had that option. It's hard to put the fluffier eye shadow brush away without messing up the bristles. I also wish that an applicator for eyebrows had been included. Finally the brushes fit perfectly but I would have liked to have a little extra room for an extra brush or two or maybe even some make up. I bought the Becca afterglow palette and I'm really happy with it with these brushes. It's an easy one stop shop for my blush, bronzer and I use the lighter more sparkly shades for my eyes.

Best Product EVER for covering red.

I had three people stop and comment on my skin the first time I went out after I used this product. It is amazing. The coverage is complete, but light. If I could marry this product, I would. I also bought the brush from the video and am very happy that I did so. It's bristles feel like fairy kisses and it's nice to have the fluffy part for fuller coverage and then the smaller brush to go in and blend around my nose. I use this as foundation and then put on the powdered SPF sunscreen also from IT.