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Wonderful for a peachy glow

I purchased this product at Nordstrom, in person, because I wanted to swatch. I have a deep tan skintone, and this highlight is so perfect. It actually makes my oily prone skin "glow" without looking shiny in a bad way. It does not highlight texture, and seems to melt into the skin rather than simply sit on top.

I'm still learning how to use highlight

I've come late to the highlight game. I am in my 40s with oily skin, and was terrified highlight would accentuate texture and make me look greasy. This brush, combined with the Charlotte Tillbury Lovegasm palette, has perfected my "glow". I don't feel that I'm risking applying too much product - this brush picks up the right amount, so I have control over layering. I first heard about Sonia G brushes from YouTubers, and I'm glad I've given this line a try. This brush is also soft, so you can tell it's made with quality natural "hair" (I guess when you point to an actual goat, the animal has fur - when you put it in a makeup brush it becomes hair).

Removes makeup easily

I first received a small sample with an order. I didn't have high hopes, but decided to give it a try anyway. It removed my makeup a lot easier than my usual cleansing oil. It also didn't make my eyes "blurry" once I wiped it off. The next morning, I didn't see any breakouts or irritation, so I knew I had to purchase a full sized container after that!

Adorable beyond words!

I purchased this to house my loose RCMA translucent powder - it's easier to dip my brush into the container and tap off the excess. It comes with a makeup puff that I've packed for use in travel with a compact. This container sits proudly on my sink for morning makeup application

Perfect glow

I actually purchased the Lovegasm palette in person at Nordstrom - I wanted to test it in person. I'm new to highlighters and haven't used bronzer in years. I'm over 40 and don't like products that show texture - and it seems that so many popular highlighters do just that. But this palette is perfect! You must use natural hair brushes to pick up product...and layer it, which helps control your level of glow and color. I like that I look "glowing" rather than "blingy". The bronzer gives me a subtle warmth rather than the "dirty face" look that I have experienced with some bronzers. And, the bronzer does not have any sparkle - a major plus!

Nice smell and effective cleaner

This product gets my brushes thoroughly clean and has a nice refreshing scent. I use it daily to clean my brushes and I notice I don't use as much product as with other brands.

Not sure just yet

Ok, I recently began having microneedling procedures performed and wanted to use a product that would help cut down on breakouts while I heal. This product goes on smooth and doesn't feel heavy - which is a blessing when your face is peeling like an old onion and as sensitive as a newborn's bottom. I noticed a fresh breakout healed right away - so I attribute that to the addition of this product to my skin care regimen. However, so far, I've only used it for a week - so it's still too soon to tell what the overall effect will be.

Refreshing scent

This cleaner is great for daily cleaning of my powder brush. I love the orange peel scent too.

This has saved me some time and $$

I usually have my brows groomed at the Anastasia Studio...but I got tired of waiting for appointments - and paying so much money. I'd look like the child of Frieda Kahlo while I was waiting for my appointment. And, since both brows grow different, they never quite looked perfect. So, I was so excited when these stencils arrived. I found out I have a high arch - never knew that! I simply used a dark pencil to fill in the hairs the stencil covered...and then tweezed what was around them...I'm actually more impressed with the job I DID! Paying $20 ONCE to do my own brows instead of $35 a month to someone that I have to go to...priceless!

Wonderful invention

This brush tree has made finding my clean brushes a lot easier...

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