Beauty Product Reviews

Great Quality Brushes for both novice and collectors

Imagine morphing a tongue-shaped foundation brush with a conventional blush brush, a pointed highlighter brush with a chikuhodo z series round contour brush, a smudging brush with a highlighter brush. Name some othe combinations, and the products would be WG new face set. The best way I can describe these new brushes would be "in-between." One can get multiple uses of each brush in this set, and they perform almost equally well for all the tasks you try with. The texture of these brushes are also "in-between." They have the softness of squirrel hair and also the ease to pick up liquid and powder. The fine craftsmanship and the high quality, shining hair remind me of Koyudo brushes, yet the price point is just too sweet for Koyudo brushes. Overall the brush set would be a good introduction set for novices to the fine makeup brush world as well as a nice addition for collectors.

The bar separated from the case

The highlighter itself is really nice. It has a soft buttery texture, giving my cheek a subtle beam without making it look like a disco ball. Tragically when the bar arrived, the bar itself somehow got separated from the case. I have no idea how to fix it, and now I have to handle it with extreme caution. I cannot travel with it since it seems like the bar would not stand another transport.

Wonderful selection of products! Totally surprised me by the quality and variety of products included. I can use everything in the bag on my sensitive skin, and I am so excited to try new products!

These Changed My Makeup Routine

I own every all Z-series brushed and several GSN-series and Takumi brushes from Chikuhodo. My favorites are the Z-series. They are the softest and most practical brushes. I never have to worry about putting on too much product when using them. The only down side is that I cannot use them to apply cream or liquid makeup, but it is the case with all natural hair brushes, maybe with the exception of some goat hair one. Here is my personal recommendations if you are deciding between Chikuhodo, Wayne Goss, and Rae Morris, like I once did (I ended up buying from all these brands): I would rank Chikuhodo >Wayne Goss > Rae Morris. Wayne Goss has some of the best eyeshadow brushes in terms of shape, but Chikuhodo Z-series simply has the softest hair and best craftsman, even though it seems that Chikuhodo makes Goss brushes. If you do not want to splurge on the z-seires, then get Wayne Goss instead of other series from Chikuhodo. Rae Morries are nice as long as you are not too picky or have really sensitive skin. I find Rae's eyeshadow brushes simply do not distribute powder as evenly as Goss or Chikuhodo ones.