Beauty Product Reviews

As Luna V. states in her review, I too gave up on liquid liner after a few tries with varied products in the past. Since then, I've jumped from pencil liners, to gel, to "graffiti pens". However, I got the hankering to use liquid eyeliner for the clean-cut looks it produces and decided to give it another go with this particular brand. I've only had the liner for about 2 days, but I love it. In fact, I had it on all day today, and it did not smudge or run at all. I recommend using the felt-tip applicator brush, as it is flexible and easy to use, and not too big as some other applicators. It offers a thin and precise line, as well as thick, bold ones, and assurance of precision and stability.

In the past, I had problems with my liquid eyeliner not being pigmented enough, but this liner is as pigmented as pigmented can get. I am very happy that I invested in this product and confident in giving it 5 stars.

Very good mascara

The formula definitely makes my lashes seem longer and much more curled as it's supposed to. However, I feel like it doesn't do that for me as much as it does so for my aunt who has teeny tiny lashes. Nonetheless, I love this mascara. It doesn't clump, and it does show results--though varied on the user as usual with all other products.

A must have for anyone!

I bought my first eos lip balm at ULTA and I must say, I love it!! I can't leave the house without it. It is very moisturizing in my opinion, and I have never had any problems with dryness as some of the comments below say. It stays on for a good while, and it smells great. I recommend it to anyone in need of a cute, portable, and functional lip balm (: