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So I originally purchased this dryer because I fell in love with the package; I did own a T3 in the past and knew that the quality would be there . I like that the dryer is compact and lightweight , easy to store and easy on the arms when blow drying long tresses like mine . I think the settings work just right, I used the lower hot air setting, frankly because I would rather spend a little more time drying my hair on a cooler setting (hopefully protecting my hair a little more) as opposed to using the hotter air. My hair is wavy and thin. I tend to blow dry my hair often so I like to think the warm setting is better. I think the blow dryer is a fabulous purchase . I'm not a blow dryer connoisseur, but this is a great dryer.

I purchase this blow dryer because I've owned a T3 in the past and it was well worth the money and lasted quite a while; this one specifically caught my eye because of how beautiful the actual dryer is .

Make Up Artist Kit Must Have

I love this palette, it has a great range of colors in one small easy to carry palette. I do wish the palette was slightly larger because all of these colors are gorgeous and beautiful on an array of skin tones - I'm afraid I'm gonna go through this quick! The amazing thing about Becca's highlighters are that they are more illuminating than they are glittery. This is HUGE, because when you're trying to create a "dewy", "healthy" glow, glitter doesn't work, that just makes the look glam.

The palette is really fun, you can really use all the colors to sculpt, highlight add definition or even as eyeshadow. I especially liked the two blushes, "Flowerchild" is a pretty pink that doesn't deliver a "doll" like color and "Wild Honey" is just beautiful, its great over a little contour or used to subtly sculpt the nose. "Moonstone" is gorgeous in the tear duct, cheekbone, nose and chin. "RoseGold" can be applied over "Flowerchild" and to nicely blend with "Moonstone" over the cheekbone. The texture of this palette reminds me a little of the Hourglass Ambient lighting palette, which is a high end gorgeous palette too - except that the Becca costs less and features more colors and delivers more of a punch.

I can't wait to use this on an upcoming show, I'm sure its gonna look beautiful on all the different colored girls. This palette really is worth the price, go and get it!!

Fruitful Glow

Hi Everyone, so here are my thoughts on this fabulous product:

It gives you a luscious glow without the chunky glitter effect that other highlighters do. It's a completely versatile product so it can be worn under foundation, over foundation or mixed with foudation - it all depends on the look you are going for. The product is a cream/liquid and one small pump can completely cover your entire face; I actually wish the pump would dispense less, just because I like to only use it in a few areas on my face.

The fact that this product doesn't deliver a super high, chunky glitter glow is great if you are 30 & over or have textured skin. I don't have silky smooth skin and definitely can't really wear highlighters because it tends to settle in all my acne scars, lines, etc. However, this product if applied carefully actually sits on top of the scars and actually reflects light back so that these little flaws are blurred. Again, carefully apply. Since the product is a cream/liquid consistency it can easily spread on the entire face. If this happens, padding a little translucent powder over it can mattify it.

This product is gorgeous and will give you a healthy, lit from withing glow. Though the product is a little on the pricey side, you really are getting a high end product and I can't imagine finishing this bottle super fast anyway.

Fall Out no more!

Hi Everyone,

So I recently bought this product and it has become a total game changer for me. I have so many glitters and up until now, I had been avoiding them because of the icky mess.

Now I can lay down a pretty shadow and then tap a little bit in the area I want to glitterfy and pop that glitter in! And voila! I am bedazzled and ready, no worry about getting it on my face.

I used it on a client whom I glammed up for her birthday - she danced the night away with no smears or fall out . This is a genuinely outstanding product.

Versatile color & Beautiful Pigment

I just got this palette over the weekend and I am completely gaga over it . Every single color is totally beautiful and every color harmonizes gorgeously with one another. It's so easy to create a clean, bright look or a dramatic evening look or a fun, colorful one . Whatever suits your mood today or tomorrow can be easily created with this palette alone. I have to just say that "pink champagne" is especially pretty . It has a beautiful glisten to it, that just gives a fresh, dewy look.

I am truly impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows in this palette. They're easy to blend and don't crease! Especially the metallic & shimmery ones. FYI, I have sprayed my makeup brushes with a little MAC fix + beforehand to get the vibrancy and long wear payoff. However, compared to my Naked Palettes and Chocolate Bar the colors are just more exquisite. I am in love with this palette and I'm sure that it will sell out so get one before they go. I missed out on the Amrezy palette and now that I own this gem, I am again sad that I missed out on Amrezy. Do yourself a favor and don't let that happen to you - if you are on the fence about it , just get it ! You won't be sorry. You'll end up regretting not buying it.

Full coverage in seconds!

I have to admit that this is the first time, I've ever worn a powder foundation. I have always done a full face routine beginning with a liquid foundation. I was a little weary of trying this out , but was pleasantly surprised. I was going to take my 2 year old to the LA Zoo, so I said "it's gonna be pass or fail" immediately for this product! First off, it took seconds to apply, awesome, since I hate spending over 30 minutes on makeup just to go run around the zoo. I did have to warm up the foundation with a little bronzer. I have been swimming so medium- beige was a little light. However, I was actually really impressed by how well it covered a lot of my acne scars and filled some of them in - really impressive considering it's only powder on my face. Also, the powder felt very light, like I had nothing on and best of all it didn't cake or become blotchy as I spent the day out in pretty warm weather. I did want to try the powder over my liquid foundation, because I'm just that type of girl! I ❤️ To see a flawless, pore less finished face. Over my liquid foundation, this was so beautiful! It helped add just that little bit more coverage you can't achieve with a liquid foundation alone. Both times I wore this powder alone and over liquid foundation, it stayed put. It never slid off my face or did I get shiny. I really like having this as an option to wear alone on days when I'm out with my kiddo or just running errands! It's so easy to apply, it plumps and covers nicely. It's just a really cool product. I did attach a photo so you can see what this makeup looks like worn alone and then with the liquid foundation under . There isn't a huge difference in the coverage, other than I went for a full glam look when I added the liquid foundation. If you are like me and you like to look put together but don't want to spend all that time, this is a really beautiful option. (Left photo, is the foundation worn alone).

Hello Luminous!

This serum/primer is exquisite. Aside from all the wonderful goodies that are in this serum, it smells delicious. I'm one that wears a primer daily, I hate touching up my make up and I have texture on my skin that I like to hide. I've tried a few serums, but some have made me break out and so I'm turned off by the idea of adding more steps to my skin care routine. I still suffer from adult acne and have the scars to prove it. The biggest difference that I've noticed when I use this product in comparison to other primers is how supple, soft and luminous my skin looks. Other primers are good at helping make up last or blurring lines, scars, etc. However, this product does that, but also makes my skin appear super healthy. As if I just chugged 2 days worth of green juices! It delivers this amazing luster to the skin, that isn't greasy or heavy, it's a beautiful speckle of light all over the face. With acne, I have to be careful about putting too much moisturizer or highlight on my skin, so that I don't draw attention to all the imperfections. As a result, sometimes my skin can look lackluster, dull or flat. The closest thing I can compare this serum to, is the Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer Spf 30 (Age Smart). This serum moisturizes, primes, illuminates, plumps, and blurs. It is just a fantastic product, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to add a serum/primer to their routine. Not only will it brighten your skin, but it will enliven your day with its delicious smell.

Perfect stipple, perfect set, perfect blend!

My favorite thing about this brush is that it is super versatile. I used it to stipple powder foundation over my face and then moved it softly in circular motions to blend everything in. The brush itself is nice and dense, but it is so soft. The bristles are very high quality. It's a really fun brush to use! After I applied my highlight/contour, I used it to finish everything off with a light dusting of finishing powder and to erase any obvious lines from highlight/contour. My make up looked flawless, poreless, just heavenly. The brush though dense was soft enough not to deposit too much setting powder, which can sometimes happen if one uses a brush that is too dense. It really is a great tool, whether its used to stipple, set or blend. This brush is totally replacing my current powder brush. I'm just so thrilled to have this brush in my kit.

Glow Baby, Glow!

I haven't been excited for liquid foundation in a long time. This formula is made with green notes, so it works well for anyone with redness. I have scarring and redness from cystic acne and this alone covers well. On an everyday basis, I can bypass color correcting and just apply this all over and can instantly see the redness erased. On days when I want a more glamorous, I use a little more and the coverage is fantastic. I use a duo fiber foundation brush and blend with a beauty blender. The coverage can go from medium to full coverage and best of all it feels so lightweight. Another awesome thing about this foundation, is that it is actually luminous without settling or highlighting in any unsightly textured areas. This is definitely one of the few things I've picked up that I actually adore.

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