Beauty Product Reviews

Excellent Kabuki -

I am glad I added this to my makeup "arsenal". It is very versatile. It is excellent for highlighting and so soft to not move the the makeup underneath. It can be used for contour as well and blush. But I prefer the larger Rae Morris Kabuki (from Rae Morris's previous brush line) for the blush and bronzing. I purchased the frame from a sale on Rae Morris's site and love the magnetic feature of these brushes.

Pleasantly surprised

I don't usually use a lip brush like this but this wowed me. It is small and dense but still soft. It is now a must have lip tool for outlining the lips for me and I used it everyday. It is also good for lining. I plan on getting another one of these for that purpose. I have not tried it for concealing as some of the other reviewers have done but I can see how that would work well. I am going to try that as well. It is well worth the purchase.

I don't get the hype

I was curious with all the great reviews so decided to try. Like some of the other reviews stated the color does not look like the swatches. I have tried other liquid lipsticks like KVD, Colour Pop and Anastasia (which I really love) and was surprised to find how patchy this was. It also did not last as long as the others. I just don't get all the positive reviews.

Pleasantly surprised

I purchased this after seeing a review using this brush for down turned eyes. I have this issue and this brush is perfect for lining and bringing up a line to make my eyes appear longer and upturned, if that make sense. It is soft and does not irritate the delicate eye areas at all. When I first received it I questioned if I had made a mistake because of its odd shape. I have yet to see another one like it. Now I use this brush everyday and just love it. The quality and price make it well worth the purchase.

You need this

This is indeed a multitask brush. It is well made and after owning this for over a year and regular cleaning it is still in excellent shape with no shedding. This is one of a few brushes that I use everyday for powder products. I use for setting powder under the eyes, as well as contour, and can be used for blush and Hourglass finishing powders. But it is the HG for highlighting and blending. It feels soft on the skin but is a makeup workhorse. I have purchased a most the of WG brushes and I find the WG 02, WG Air Brush, and the 07 brushes to be the most versatile. I plan on getting a second of each of these starting with this one. The price is very reasonable for the quality and versatility of this one.

Overhyped mascara

I had high expectations for this mascara after hearing the glowing reviews from YouTubers and reading the reviews. It is a very wet mascara, so it can be messy when applying and you need to wait for it to dry. By the time it dried, my previously curled eyelashes were stick straight. I have long lashes (thanks, Latisse) and need the curl. While the mascara coats and thickens, it does not last long. After 4 hours, my mascara had flaked and ended up under my eyes unlike any of my other mascaras, and that includes drugstore brands. I don't get the hype with this mascara and won't be repurchasing. Very disappointed.

Exceeded expections

I had previously purchased other Wayne Goss brushes and decided to get this one for waterline and tightlining. It works great for both even on more sensitive eyes like mine. I was happy with my eyebrow brush, but decided to try this one for eyebrows anyway. It makes eyebrow detail work so much easier and natural looking. I tried it with both powder and eyebrow gelcreme. Now I use this is my new go to brush for eyebrows.

A must have for brush care

I first purchased the variety brush guard pack. I was skeptical at first that these could really be that effective or that they were really necessary at all. After purchasing several high end brushes I decided to try the brush guards along with the brush tree. Not only do the brush guards work great to keep the brushes' shape and looking new, it made my older brushes looking new and regain their original shape. I purchased the cheek & blush pack because I needed more of this size for my brush collection. They stretch and I used one size smaller on some of my older brushes to reshape them like new. Worth every penny to take care of your brush investment.

New HG foundation brush

I never knew a brush could make my foundation application actually enjoyable. Very soft and leaves a airbrushed look to my foundation. No scratchiness here. It is a workhorse in that in can be used for blush and contouring as well. However, I mostly use it as my foundation tool. I simply love it.

Love it!

I hesitated to purchase this brush thinking it would be too large for the eye area. I was totally wrong. It is the best blending brush for the eyes. I use it for shading transition and blending shadows. I also use it to blend nose contour and sometimes even for detail highlighting. High quality and worth every dime. I will be purchasing more from Wayne's line.