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Voo doo in a tube!

I don’t know how or why this primer does not have any reviews yet cause it is amazing stuff! Every time I use it, I have the most perfect makeup day. My foundation, whether it is liquid, cream or powder, just glides right over it. No pilling nor streaks. It doesn’t do anything to help mattify my skin which is something I typically look for, but it just does something that makes my skin look youthful, glowy and flawless. It really is like some sort of voo doo magic for my skin and I truly hope Sisley never stops making it. For reference, I am 40 with fine lines and other imperfections on my face.

Brush Queen hands down

I own all of Sonia G’s brushes, except Sculpt 4, and multiples of many of them so purchasing this set wasn’t even a question. There is nothing I can say about these brushes that hasn’t already been said in the other reviews except that for me, they are perfection. All of Sonia’s brushes are. I am one of the few who was partial to the larger handles but honestly, the slim ones don’t bother me one bit. I will be buying another set as well as multiples of the Crease and Blender Pro. I still love and use my WG brushes but I have to admit, I favor my SG brushes. I can’t believe I just said that out loud :/

Gentle yet effective

I received a generous sample of this lovely serum in a recent order and it was love at first use. From the light, floral scent to the smooth milky texture. A little goes a long way and it absorbs into the skin beautifully without leaving it sticky. I have only used this serum for a few days and I can already see a difference. My complexion appears more alive and balanced, I even see some spots starting to fade which is weird for me, but great! I wish I liked Caudalie Moisturizers as much as I do their serums :( I couldn’t be more pleased and will be purchasing this. Thank you Beautylish for turning me on to yet another great product!

Not what I expected but...

This palette is not what I expected or have come to experience with ND palettes but, it is still fantastic. The mattes blend beautifully and are still pigmented, just not as opaque as mattes from her other palettes. Same can be said for the shimmers. They look and feel completely different when swatched as they are not as impactful but I can’t say that I am disappointed. I have created several looks with this palette and have been very pleased. I actually really enjoy this palette. If I want a lil more impact, I just amp it up with one of my Pat McGRATH palettes and boy oh boy does that make me fall in love. All in all, I am in love with this and am so happy to have it in my collection. Stays put all day and blends effortlessly...what more can you ask for?

Mixed feelings...

I will start off with my opinion on the actual product. It gives such a beautiful glow to the skin. I would say it is just above a natural glow. It is not intense and you will not be seen from outer space but you will have that “goddess” glow which I think is more flattering. The powder is very finely milled and has no glitter, thankfully. I will say that the “holographic prisms” go away after the first two uses as it is an overspray. I would not consider this a must have product but I am glad I have it in my collection. Although the highlighter is gorgeous, I am less than pleased with the packaging. The flimsy compact is dime store quality with a pretty, decorative sticker (which mine was not adhered properly) on the top of it. It is, to say the least, not what I have come to expect from ByTerry. For the price of this product, it should have at least come in a compact of the same, if not better than, the Impearlious Voile De Perle, especially with it being limited edition and for the holiday. All in all, I kept it because it is beautiful on the skin but sadly, I will be hesitant to buy more By Terry products in the future because of the high price for less than mediocre packaging. I know the actual product is what really counts but for that price tag, the compact makes it not worth it.

Do not underestimate...

when I first received this palette, I was underwhelmed and thought, "I have all of these shades a hundred times over". However, I did not let my first impressions prevent me from giving it a shot, as I always give everything two tries before making a final decision to keep or not. The first time I used this palette, I was kind of in a hurry and feeling a bit lazy so I thought, why not? The look I got with this was simple, tasteful and glowy. I really feel as if it were one of my best makeup days. I have since used it several times and to expand eyeshadow options, I have also used the face products as eyeshades and I continue to get amazing results that last all day. As a matter of fact, it seems as the day carries on, my makeup looks better and better as it melts into the skin. Not trying to sound braggadocious but I own tens of thousands of dollars worth of makeup and I am always wanting to reach for this palette. I do have fair skin so I am not to sure how the shades will work on other tones. My daughter has medium skin and I have been trying to get her to try it out so I can see how it wears on her. I will update my review when it happens. This truly is amazing!


This is an update to my previous post. I tried this again but under foundation. My foundation applied over it nicely and it really looked beautiful. Fast forward 2 hrs....I was a grease ball. Not only did I look like I spread bacon grease all over my face, but I looked so orange. Needless to say, I will be returning. Side note, I purchased this from the Charlotte Tilbury website because Beautylish was sold out at the time.

To keep or not to keep...

First off, I need to comment on the smell of this no one has acknowledged it yet, I do not know. It seriously smells like vomit. Seriously, VOMIT! The scent is very overwhelming and hard to get past, knowing you are spreading this all over your face. The smell does go away, for the most part, after about 5 minutes or so. As for the product itself. It went in the skin pretty nicely. I was a bit scared at first cause it seemed to be a bit dark on my fair skin but somehow toned down as I blended it in and it set. It is very glowy and it didn't seem to accentuate any pores or settle into lines, major pros! I personally don't like to be extremely glowy so I am curios to try this with a bit of bb or cc cream on top of it. I can't say that this is a life changing product and I most certainly will not be purchasing again when I run out but it is nice. If it had some blurring effects I might be sold but it doesn't. All in all, if you love glowy skin and aren't put off by horrible smells on your face products, then you may enjoy this.


This gloss is everything I ever wanted in a gloss. The color is gorgeous and even better, it is not sticky! I have purchased a few other shades and I love each one. They give a nice wash of color and do not overpower my makeup looks. I will even go as far as to say these are in my top 3 brands for lip products in general. I couldn't be more pleased.


This gloss is everything I ever wanted in a gloss. The color is gorgeous and even better, it is not sticky! I have purchased a few other shades and I love each one. They give a nice wash of color and do not overpower my makeup looks. I will even go as far as to say these are in my top 3 brands for lip products in general. I couldn't be more pleased.

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