Beauty Product Reviews

Removable pans, great for day to day, just a little pricey

Excellent quality shadows that are pigmented and blendable in a variety of textures. Good combo of warm and cool neutrals. Definitely a go-to for day to day. Pricey but this pricing is normal for this brand. Pans can be removed and put in another magnetic palette. Just be careful not to drop the palette so they don't fall out.

Ultra plush multitasker

This brush... I don't even have the right words. It's uber soft and seems to float over my super sensitive skin easily. I use it to apply contour powder, bronzer, and setting powder and to flick off fallout. It fits well into the hollows of my cheeks and is very flexible. I wouldn't use it to buff in any sort of liquid or cream foundation, but for powders it is a dream! I wish I could describe how soft it truly is. I'm pretty sure it's my most luxurious brush. I almost didn't get it because I have all of the other Wayne Goss brushes, but no regrets here. The purchase was so worth it.

Moisturizing, easy to apply, pleasant fragrance

At first I was skeptical because the balm was hard, didn't seem to apply easily, and didn't seem that moisturizing. I think I must've just needed to get past the top layer because now the texture is totally different. It's still not soft, but it applies smoothly, really moisturizes my lips (my husband even noticed), and I like the faint vanilla fragrance. I think it could probably be a little cheaper. Some people say they'd rather just use coconut oil. I like coconut oil, but its consistency isn't always dependable based on the temperature, so I find this option more convenient, consistent, and I still prefer it over coconut oil alone.

Melts away makeup but kind of pricey

This is a thick balm that smells herbal, mostly like clove oil. I would agree it probably is the best cleanser on the market, but I wish it was more affordable and quicker to use. Even my most stubborn waterproof makeup melts away when I use this cleanser, and I feel like it really gets my skin clean without overdrying it. If you read the instructions, there's a process to steaming your face a few times before wiping the product off then washing the muslin cloth so that's what I meant when I said I wish it was quicker to use. Definitely does its job though, and it seems to last a while. I don't use it every night so I can't say how long the tub will last for sure.

Very moisturizing and so many uses

I can't get enough of this stuff! Luckily only a little bit of product is needed for each application. I use it to moisturize my lips before I go to bed, and they still feel moist when I wake up. I also use it to moisturize my cuticles and add sheen to my lip color when I use a lip pencil. I applied it to my husband's hand after he burned it, and he said it helped with the pain and felt like it healed fairly quickly. He also uses it when we have dry weather to moisturize his nostrils and keep his nose from bleeding. I like it so much that I bought the largest size, but it lasts so long I haven't even opened the jar yet because I'm still working on this tube.

Easy to use but not totally smudge proof

A little bit of this product goes a long way, especially since it's dispensed by a dropper. It works well to turn eye shadow into eye liner which means that way more color options are available. It does help to keep my eyeliner in place better, but I have oily lids so they still smudge a bit sometimes.