Beauty Product Reviews

gorgeous feminine warm scent reminiscent of golden afternoon's and cashmere that brings a type of nostalgia into the air. wonderful layers continue to unfurl various notes that will evolve into deeper woody tones to finish. love this scent@

a personal favorite. it almost smells like a unisex perfume, I always manage to receive at least one complete from both males and females whenever I wear this fragrance. Just one light spray around the decolatage is enough for the scent to linger for hours.

a staple in any woman's fragrance collection

a must have in any woman's collection. the beautiful fresh citrus notes are so distinct and. yet wears quite diffeeently on each individuals skin. I find it slightly musky and the bergamot beautifully pungent bit in no way overwhelming. a rather intoxicating scent understatedly sexy. but not a come hither type scent.

great solid pigment, beautiful gloss and it pops. looks wonderful on short or long nails. 1 to 2 coats are suffice as initial coverage goes on quite thick but not in an unpleasant manner.

I have fine but very curly hair which I straighten more in winter and I found this product to work quite well. I had to practically soak my hair before I blow dried and then spritz it again prior to flat iron but over all found it gave good protection and has a pleasant subtle scent. it's not the best I've used, but I'd recommend it and would gladly buy it again