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Saved my skin

I got this in boxycharm premium not too long ago, but I have been using it regularly for at least a month since I got it. IT has completely begun to transform my skin. My maskne looks clearer, my pores are less open, just overall a healthy glow. I also noticed my oily combo skin has become more normal combo, it is amazing. I just hate the price tag :(


Purple is my favorite color and I just knew I had to have it.. I was expecting more purple and less pink, more of a gothic style. SO I am not the MOST pleased, but not overall upset. The random green and red threw me for a shock though because a beautiful eggplant or something would just fit the story much better.

Worst of his palettes

Everyone hated on the conspiracy palette so hard, but actually I believe this is his worst. So many colors blend out to look the same. The mini is just overall trash, especially since 2 or 3 are just 'toppers' but JS claims they are defective after tons of complaints. I am keeping it to reach for some of the blending shades, but the whole top row was unnecessary. Overall was not impressed tbh.

Not bad

Just like all his other gloss formulas. Very sheer so honestly you don't see the color you see in the tube. It is very cool toned which I didn't have much of so I am not overly disappointed.


I wish I could say it was the best nude palette in the game, but honestly I think there is just too much similarity between so many of the shades... I wish it hit the mark but it just didnt....

Um..... what?

I don't understand what happened? I am so disappointed in this palette. It isnt the formula we have grown to know and love. Foam Party and Glass wet are a joke. I don't care if you claim it is a topper, thats a joke. Advertise it as such. I just can't believe we got duped.

Just meh

Honestly, I bought this because everyone swore up and down it was the best formulation, the best palette around. I bought it on the JSC site, so it is authentic, but it is patchy and just overall not what I expected. I Wish I could love it more. I still keep it for a couple of the neutrals, but the colors are underwhelming.


I bought these during initial release ages ago, and I still own most of them. The ones I dont own anymore got lost in my moves and I am pretty sad about that. Softest brushes on the market, wish I could repurchase.

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Very smooth consistency

The consistency of this product is smooth, it glides well. However, it is not as smudge resistant/proof as I had wanted.I have oily lids and my eyes water constantly, especially due to allergies.

Good concept, bad delivery

I'm still navigating this product, but I believe it is just alright. It does what it claims, but had a weird consistency when mixed with pigments. The glass is super small, but I guess a little goes a long way

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